Over 900 Varieties of Roses Now Available to Canadian Gardeners

Heirloom Roses Announces Canadian Shipping

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Heirloom Roses, a family nursery specializing in own-root roses, proudly announced yesterday the expansion of roses to Canadian gardeners. With a legacy of over 50 years, Heirloom Roses has one of the most extensive selection of roses in North America that ship directly to the home gardener.

In response to the growing popularity of the cutting and cottage garden trend, Heirloom Roses has opened its collection of over 900 own-root rose varieties to home gardeners across Canada. With plants tailor-made for each region, growers in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and Winnipeg will find the perfect rose for their unique climate.

Owner Ben Hanna expressed his excitement about this significant milestone, stating, “This is something we have been working on for a while and it couldn’t come at a better time. We are very excited to start shipping our roses north this year.” Canadians will now have access to Heirloom Roses’ wide collection of own-root roses that are grown naturally on their own roots, resulting in more disease- and winter-resistant plants -- a plus for cold-weather gardens. 

In addition to a one-year guarantee, Heirloom Roses also offers the added convenience of picking an arrival week at checkout. This innovative feature allows customers to purchase roses in winter and have them delivered in spring or summer right when it is the perfect time to plant in Canada.

Canadian gardeners can now join Heirloom Roses' mission of making our world beautiful, one rose at a time with the best, own-root roses available in Canada. To explore Heirloom Roses' 900 varieties and learn more, visit www.HeirloomRoses.com.

Source: Heirloom Roses, Inc.

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Heirloom Roses is the premier supplier of own-root roses for gardeners in the U.S. and Canada. Shipping direct to consumer, Heirloom Roses offers a one-year guarantee on all of their virus-free, potted roses.

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