United States Patent Office Agrees With PureLine Against Nalco Patent

​PureLine Treatment Systems, LLC recently sought reexamination of United States Patent No. 6,790,427, currently owned by Ecolab USA, Inc., Nalco US 1, LLC and Nalco Company, which had been asserted by Ecolab in Civil Action No. 19cv4523, filed July 3, 2019 (U.S.D.C., N.D. Ill., dismissed). The United States Patent Office agreed with PureLine, finding PureLine had successfully raised a substantial new question of the patentability of the Ecolab patent. The patent will now proceed to full reexamination by the United States Patent Office.

About PureLine, Inc.

​PureLine is an expert in the manufacture, generation, and application of chlorine dioxide. PureLine specializes in designing and implementing chlorine dioxide solutions utilizing our broad line of proven ClO2 generators and precursor chemicals to control and inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria. PureLine’s EPA registered ClO2 products include PureVistaTM, Pure 3000TM, and PureCide® E. In locations across the nation and around the world, PureLine’s patented and proven high-purity chlorine dioxide generation equipment and expert services are enhancing the reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of decontamination process.

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Source: PureLine Treatment Systems, LLC