PureLine's Pure 100 Disinfectant is Approved by the EPA for Use Against Viruses and Certified Organic

PureLine's Pure 100 earns EPA registration as a hospital and broad-spectrum disinfectant. Approved effective against Emerging Viral Pathogens including COVID-19. Pure 100 is registered with the EPA: EPA Reg. No. 88341-11. Pure 100 is Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Listed. It may be used in certified organic production or food processing and handling according to the USDA National Organic Program regulations.

Pure 100 Disinfectant & Odor Remover

Pure 100 is a broad-spectrum disinfectant, hospital disinfectant, and virucide for residential, commercial, hospital, and food service use.

Pure 100 Disinfectant & Odor Remover can be used for everyday disinfecting in the kitchen and bathroom, quick cleanups, and spot treatment. Pure 100 kills bacteria and viruses and eliminates odor in homes, offices, healthcare facilities, and other environments. It is essential for homes with children and pets and kills bacteria and viruses on food-contact surfaces with no rinse required. Pure 100 eliminates odor at a molecular level through oxidation and does not mask foul odors with a fragrance.

Pure 100 Features:

  • Full strength and ready to use
  • Hospital disinfectant with lowest toxicity category—gentle enough for daily disinfecting
  • Heavy-duty odor eliminator—gets rid of bad odors by attacking the source of the problem, not by masking
  • Neutral pH
  • No volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • No harsh chemicals, no nauseous fumes

Pure 100 is an effective disinfectant that kills:

  • Feline Calicivirus (as a surrogate virus for Norovirus), ATCC VR-782, Strain F-9
  • Hepatitis A virus, ATCC Camden (HM-175 strain), Strain HM-175
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa (ATCC 15442)
  • Salmonella enterica (ATCC 10708)
  • Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538)

Pure 100 is one of the very few disinfectants that is registered with the EPA that does not have harsh chemicals or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while having the strength to disinfect viruses. Pure 100's solution makeup is simple in the number of components and is OMRI listed for organic production or food processing and handling.

Look for Pure 100 to be searchable on the EPA's List N: Disinfectants for Coronavirus later this month as EPA databases are updated with recently approved disinfectants.

If you would like to contact PureLine or for more information regarding Pure 100, fill out the contact form on https://pure-100.com or call customer support at 847-963-8465.

Source: PureLine

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