Unistream Bank Cards Went Contactless

Unistream Bank now offers a more convenient and simple way of payment for everyday purchases via contactless Visa cards. To make a payment, all it takes is putting the card to the terminal to process in a few seconds; there is no need to hand it over to a cashier for a transaction. For purchases less than 1000 roubles, the transaction is made without a PIN-code.

Contactless payments have become popular in Russia lately. Today with a simple touch of a terminal one can make payments in large chains such as McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks, Azbuka Vkusa, Ikea, etc. Contactless payments can be made via all the terminals marked with a special “wave” symbol.

“Unistream Bank has always focused on developing and increasing the accessibility of new technologies that become incorporated into our modern society. We enjoy offering our clients instant payment contactless cards with Visa payWave technology thus making the process easier. Owing to the fast service, the reliability, as well as the high-progress service infrastructure, contactless cards will emerge into wide usage,” said Nadezhda Kibalnik, Deputy CEO of Unistream Bank.

In 2017 alone Unistream Bank issued more than 70,000 cards, thus exceeding the total of 100,000. In 2017 card transactions turnover increased by 350 percent and exceeded 2.3 billion roubles. This impressive growth is the result of the high-quality customer service and the efficient distribution channels. Cards can be ordered through the Bank’s website or via call-center with delivery to the client by courier.

Unistream Bank cardholders can also use a mobile banking app to make a wide range of transactions, including international money transfers and utility payments, at lower rates.  

Source: Unistream Bank


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