​Unique Range of Arabic Teaching & Learning Resources Launched

The Muslim Sticker Company has launched a new range of Arabic stickers and pre-inked stampers

Arabic Teaching & Learning Resources

Farhat Amin, the founder of The Muslim Sticker Company, is releasing The Arabic Resources Collection. Each product has been carefully designed to engage and motivate children. The Arabic Resources Collection was released on Jan. 26, 2018.

The Muslim Sticker Company is known for helping students excel in their studies. Thus, for the first time, they have created an entire product line of practical and innovative Arabic stickers and Arabic pre-inked stampers. "The aim of The Arabic Resources Collection is to make learning Arabic fun," says Farhat Amin. "Our sincere wish is to provide teachers and parents with ideas to motivate children to learn Arabic."

The aim of The Arabic Resources Collection is to make learning Arabic fun. Our sincere wish is to provide teachers and parents with ideas to motivate children to learn Arabic.

Farhat Amin, Founder of The Muslim Sticker Company

The collection will be sold on the website muslimstickers.com. One of the exclusive items available is the Arabic Alphabet Sticker Pack containing 70 colorful stickers that can be used to make flashcards and worksheets.

The collection also includes time-saving Arabic pre-inked stampers, available in five designs - each stamp gives 4,000 impressions and is perfect for marking. A few examples are:

  • £5.00 Arabic Good Work Stamper
  • £3.00 Arabic Teachers Stickers
  • £2.00 Arabic Alphabet Stickers
  • £5.00 Arabic Excellent Stamper


For more information about The Arabic Resources Collection or for an interview with Farhat Amin, please write to info@muslimstickers.com. Media high-res photos available upon request.

About The Muslim Sticker Company

Farhat Amin, an English teacher, started creating Arabic learning resources after she realized the market was not catering to young students learning Arabic. As a teacher, she was unable to find good-quality Arabic teaching resources to use with her own children, so she decided to produce them herself. The Muslim Sticker Company now has a portfolio of over 50 Arabic and English educational products from reward charts to sticker books, and its products are sold in over 15 countries including the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF).

Source: The Muslim Sticker Company


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