Unique, Powerful Electronics for HPC and Signal Processing Now Distributed in USA

Electronic warfare product distributor Cyntony Corporation and hardware developer Peralex Electronics jointly announce the appointment of Cyntony as worldwide distributor with exclusive rights in the USA.

​Cyntony Corporation, a specialty electronics and antenna product distribution company and Peralex Electronics (Pty) Ltd, a world-class creator of sophisticated electronic systems for commercial and defense applications located near Cape Town, South Africa, jointly announced today the appointment of Cyntony as the worldwide distributor of Peralex commercial products.  SKARAB, an agile networked extreme-computing platform and ComRad3, a high-performance receiver for passive radar using FM broadcast signals will be offered by Cyntony worldwide.  Exclusive distribution rights in the USA for these products have also been granted.

 “We are very pleased to have Cyntony represent our products,” says Alex Bassios, Director of Peralex, “their competence, dynamism and integrity are a good match for Peralex and will ensure the US market excellent service.”​

"Cyntony proudly serves sophisticated customers who perceive, deceive and deny adversary wireless systems. We are excited to market and distribute the top-notch products of Peralex. Their hunger for solving tough signal processing challenges by employing state-of-the-art RF and computing technology can benefit many customers, from academic researchers to defense contractors and the intelligence community."

David A Moschella, President

About Cyntony:

Cyntony Corporation, founded in 2009, enables customers to protect their personnel and possessions by exploiting the electromagnetic spectrum.  Providing specialized electronics and antenna products focused on the electronic warfare market, Cyntony is at the vanguard of a 21st century reality of conflict and security: those who dominate the electromagnetic spectrum win. Discover scores of products at http://www.cyntony.com  Contact Cyntony by phone at +1 781-430-0675, or e-mail to info@cyntony.com

About Peralex:

Peralex Electronics, founded in 1987, designs and manufactures leading edge signal processing products used in the most demanding environments for radio astronomy, electronic warfare and radar applications.  Peralex prides itself providing bespoke product development for leading multinationals, government institutions and smaller companies.  Contact Peralex by email at newbiz@peralex.com  phone +27-21-7107442 or see http://www.peralex.com