SKARAB Agile Extreme-Scale Networked FPGA Supercomputer Debuts at IEEE-HPEC 2015

Cyntony and Peralex announce the demonstration of SKARAB, an agile extreme-scale networked FPGA supercomputer for applications such as network intrusion detection, genome bioinformatics, high frequency trading and deep learning. SKARAB offers full control of its computing infrastructure, enabling low-latency 40GbE communications, real-time reconfiguration, and highly power efficient operation.

Cyntony Corporation, a specialty electronics and antenna product distribution company and Peralex Electronics (Pty) Ltd, a world-class creator of sophisticated electronic systems for commercial and defense applications, will be demonstrating SKARAB, an agile networked extreme-scale supercomputing platform this month.  SKARAB will be on display September 16 and 17 at the IEEE HPEC 2015 conference at the Westin in Waltham, Massachusetts, showcasing its low-latency, high-throughput, rapidly reconfigurable and power-efficient FPGA computing system.  Cyntony is Peralex’s authorized worldwide distributor. 

Full control of SKARAB internal processing enables challenging applications to be tackled, including the hundreds of units that will act cooperatively as the FX correlator for the MeerKAT radio telescope being built in South Africa.  Other data throughput intensive applications like network intrusion detection, deep learning, soft-core processors, genome bioinformatics and high frequency trading are enabled by its dynamically reconfigurable FPGA, numerous 40 GbE interfaces and Hybrid Memory Cube local cache of the SKARAB.   

About Cyntony:

Cyntony Corporation, founded in 2009, distributes specialized electronics and antenna products focused on the electronic warfare market. Cyntony is at the vanguard of a 21st century reality of conflict and security: those who dominate the electromagnetic spectrum win. Discover scores of products at Contact Cyntony by phone at 781-430-0675, or e-mail to

About Peralex:

Peralex Electronics, founded in 1987, designs and manufactures leading edge signal processing products used in the most demanding environments for radio astronomy, electronic warfare and radar applications.  Peralex prides itself providing bespoke product development for leading multinationals, government institutions and smaller companies.  Contact Peralex by email at,  phone  +27-21-7107442 or see

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