Unique Gift Card Giving With Customized Gift Boxes

With custom made gift card packages for gift cards, a company can derive benefits such as company branding and increased awareness and economic influence.

Gift cards have become an increasingly popular gift option for birthdays, graduations, holidays and other occasions over the past decade. Whether online, at the supermarket, salon and spa, gas-station, or retail store, gift cards are omnipresent.  Gift cards make gift-giving easy and save shopping time.  Many consumers set out to buy gift cards rather than purchasing an actual gift.  Until recently, an envelope or folder were the only alternatives available to present a gift card, but now gift card boxes are available to make the gifting more personal, beautiful, and perceived value higher.  Every segment of the industry that offers gift cards can offer this customizable gift card box or package to consumers to further brand their product or service.

Studies show that recipients of gift cards discern gift cards as being considerably more useful and of value than a traditional gift. For instance, a present ranging in value from $20 to $45 vs. a $25 gift card, the gift card was preferred, even compared to a higher value gift. Consumers would prefer to receive a $25 gift card than a gift valued at $45.  It appears many recipients like the choice to purchase an item they need or want rather than returning or exchanging a gift.  Research also shows that when recipients redeem their gift cards they are likely to purchase and spend additional money in your company products and services.

Presentation is the very first impression in gifting.  There is a general impression that if you receive a small sized gift card packaged nicely, there is something of value contained in the box or package. The prettier and more expensive looking the packaging, the greater the perceived value is attached without even opening it.  With the popularity of gift cards, there are many available styles of gift card packaging that are customizable for your company.

LA Custom Packaging CEO Webb McDowell comments, “there is quite an array of functional and customizable gift card packages in the marketplace made in the USA. Most if not all gift card boxes are environmentally-friendly and recyclable and at least 50% cheaper than gift card tins or other packaging alternatives.”  Custom gift card boxes are available in a spectrum of colors, embossing, foil stamping, and designs to leave an impressionable mark.  Elevate your company’s business with your own identifiable and graphic style  boxes on these affordable, custom gift card boxes.  Your company’s consumer will appreciate the simplicity and beauty of the packaging making gift card gifting a shopping convenience and enable your company to benefit in many ways.

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