ULTRAIN - the Next Generation Blockchain Engine That Pushes for Technical Advancements in a Commercialized Future

Ultrain is not only a public chain but a full stack decentralized blockchain engine

On Oct. 8th 2018 of Pacific Time, Ultrain, a start-up founded by formal senior technical executives of Alibaba, was invited by San Francisco Blockchain Week (SFBW). SFBW is a prominent blockchain event of the year with over thousands of top developers from Silicon Valley attended this event. The summit invited many industry leaders, including Vitalik Buterin, Charlie Lee, and etc. Ultrain was invited to attend and deliver a keynote speech, well received from both industry influential and guests.

Ultrain’s co-founder, Emma Liao, presented a keynote speech on behalf of Ultrain. She explained the vision of Ultrain is to build a programmable business community, and Ultrain’s mission is to generate a decentralized engine that empowers the future. Emma said that the cross-disciplinary characteristic of blockchain can be perceived as a fusion art. Unlike most projects in the market, a successful public chain project is not only driven by theoretical advantages but advanced theory, engineering development, and business capabilities.

Theory, practice, and business applications are three critical characteristics which define Ultrian’s competitive advantage. Applications (DApp) that are genuinely decentralized are well reflected in all of Ultrain's design concepts. Ultrain is based on the logic of providing available product for the mass public that’s easy to use, to operate with efficiency and stability, that’s affordable with absolute price/performance advantage, while lowering the technical barrier to entry for DApp developers. Emma also highlighted Ultrain’s presence in the international community and its ecological development, revealing that Ultrain has established 16 international hubs and a strong presence online worldwide.

As a full-stack decentralized blockchain engine, Ultrain has a substantial competitive advantage in theory, engineering implementation and a global business ecosystem. Ultrain can connect blockchain technology with the mainstream business community flawlessly while fully supporting the usage of large-scale commercial applications, such as enabling retail, entertainment, medical, logistics, and many other industries.

During this summit, HyperDragons, known as the first game on Ethereum; Unitopia, the blockchain lab of Electric Soul; Little Phil, the famous blockchain charity platform in Australia; and Celer Network, the top project in Silicon Valley; announced themselves as the first wave of members deploying on the ecosystem of Ultrain.

HyperDragons is a blockchain game that deployed on Ethereum during March 2018 and is now the highest ranking game on Ethereum. Yiyi, the director of marketing operation for Mixmarval, stated that Hyperdragon is facing a series of challenges while using Ethereum. By migrating on top of the Ultrain platform, they have gained faster transaction confirmation time, extensive DApp deployment capabilities, user-friendly smart contract development and optimal TPS performance in operation, achieving a better gaming experience.

Unitopia is a decentralized blockchain platform for the pan-entertainment industries. The first blockchain game it introduced, William, was launched in June this year and received 300,000 registered users and reached nearly 100,000 daily activities; Unitopia CEO Qian Lei also released its first card game, BullFighter, developed by Unitopia on the Ultrain platform. Qian stated that Ultrain’s public chain technology has successfully reduced the playing time of the blockchain card games from tens of seconds to less than one second. Providing end users with a completely different gaming experience

Little Phil is an Australian charity organization dedicated to consolidate the power of the general public through blockchain technology and to promote philanthropy with transparency and fairness openly. The CTO of Little Phil Mathew introduced features of its application achieved by using the Ultrain technology platform, including detailed tracking of each donation, donor recognition, better records and record sharing of a successful donations

Founder of Celer Network, Dong Mo, officially announced the strategic cooperation between Celer Network and Ultrain. Celer network is in the process of developing an out-of-band extension technology architecture, effectively improve the technical performance of chain through off-chain technology. Ultrain hope to effectively enhances the off-chain performance with the technical capabilities of Celer Network.

Media Contact: blocktopian@ultrain.io

Source: Ultrain

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