Ultrain Mainnet is Going Live

​After a year of testing with six months of successfully operating an open test network, Ultrain is proud to announce its mainnet will officially launch April 15, 2019. Ultrain is referring to the mainnet launch as its "White Hole Milestone." This launch will establish Ultrain as the world's first high-performance public chain to implement a randomized dynamic sharding architecture while leading the market in blockchain commercial services. Developers, miners, enterprise clients, and community members will work together to create a revolutionary business ecosystem using blockchain technology.

Ultrain is empowering and reshaping business, and taking an enormous step towards constructing a programmable business society with the launch of our mainnet.

Ultrain's Core Business Model

Ultrain is dedicated to providing trusted computing services to businesses, which is a new computing model based on blockchain technology. After data enters the trusted computing platform, it cannot be tampered with and cannot be destroyed, increasing trust in the data. Trusted computing is based on blockchain, but also integrates distributed scheduling, resource management, micro-services and other core technologies to form next generation computing infrastructure.

Ultrain's ultimate goal is not only to provide trusted computing services, but to transform traditional business models with technical solutions and increase the possibility of mutual cooperation between businesses. Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial business ecosystem, greatly reducing trust costs of a new society. Ultrain has taken a big step forward to reshape the boundary of trust in our commercial society by leveraging technological breakthroughs.

Ultrain’s Mainnet Technical Features

Since its establishment at the end of 2017, Ultrain has achieved 100 percent of its technical milestones, solving issues such as throughput bottlenecks, high-cost barriers and lack of privacy protection that other projects still face. It represents a new type of blockchain – blockchain generation 3.0.

Main network features

- Massively expandable main-sidechain architecture: The creation and destruction of sidechains is based on application requirements, which can be dynamically allocated, maintaining storage isolation between sidechains. The entire network’s transaction capacity can be scaled linearly as each new sidechain is added. This core feature allows Ultrain to achieve high performance and low cost.

- Dynamic sharding technology: Ultrain's random scheduling mechanism greatly improves sidechain security by dynamically allocating mining rigs between chains.

- PoS universal cross-chain mechanism: Ultrain's cross-chain protocol between sidechains allows the main chain to remain as a light client, used for implementing inter-chain communication through committee voting. For the first time, a secure light client has been realized under the PoS consensus, to ensures secure cross-chain communication between blockchains.

- Flexible pre-paid resource package: the Ultrain economic model is designed to ensure that the system resources are not oversold, nor diluted, and the revenue for the computing resource provider (miners) is consistent. An optimal balance between the cost of use and the quality of the resource is the outcome.

- Fast and efficient smart contract language: Ultrain uses a JavaScript-based smart contract programming language, based on NodeJS's one-stop smart contract development framework, Ultrain's own Robin + U3, as well as WebAssembly-based virtual machines, taking into account the security and efficiency requirements of smart contract development and operation.

RPoS Consensus Features

- High TPS and short confirmation time: the core of the RPoS consensus is Verifiable Random Function + Byzantine Fault Tolerant algorithm. Ultrain has successfully implemented 1000 TPS on a single-chain under decentralized conditions, with a confirmation time of 10 seconds – a performance higher than other existing public chains.

- Innovative second layer random number generation architecture: Ultrain uses RPoS's core random number generation (VRF) as a second-layer random number architecture. A blockchain solution to issues that plague the random number generation. It also solves the "network storm" problem caused by the uncertainty in the number of proposers in Algorand's consensus mechanism, greatly enhancing security, fairness and performance.

- Consensus optimization based on multiple cryptographic methods: Ultrain aggregates all voter messages and certificates together with additive signatures, greatly reducing the size of voter messages and facilitating rapid message delivery. It also supports lightweight client and cross-chain processes, reducing message size required for clients to sync block information, while ensuring faster speeds and larger block processing by optimizing network without affecting security.

Count Down Starts!

Ultrain's mainnet launch will be our greatest achievement yet and a brilliant moment for blockchain globally. With the mainnet launching soon, Ultrain will be revealing a number of other exciting announcements. Today marks the start of the countdown to Ultrain's mainnet launch. Soon, Ultrain's vision for a programmable business society, promoting the business ecosystem of the future, will become a reality.

Media Contact: blocktopian@ultrain.io

Source: Ultrain

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