Ultimate Bariatrics Revolutionizes Aftercare for Weight Loss Patients

Ultimate Bariatrics has revolutionized how patients are cared for after a weight loss surgery. A full service office has been opened in Irving, Texas, fully staffed with dietary consultants, physicians, and nurses so that patients can get the aftercare they desperately need. Dr. Adam Smith, founder of Ultimate Bariatrics says, “Too many patients have the surgery but don’t get the necessary tools they need for success.” Ultimate Bariatrics has programs that focus on the patient’s aftercare that yields optimal success rates after surgery.

Weight loss surgery has been in the U.S. for almost fifty years; and frequently these surgeries require revision. Nearly 1/3 of US adults suffer from obesity, the leading chronic illness in America, which can significantly increase the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and several other conditions. “We must teach the patient a lifestyle change, surgery by itself is not the answer, diet is 60% of the battle,” says Michele Carter of Ultimate Bariatrics.

One of the most common surgeries currently performed in the U.S for weight loss is the gastric sleeve and thousands of Americans undergo this surgery yearly. The operation is just a tool in the overall lifestyle change we help the patient achieve.  Prior to the sleeve gastrectomy achieving popularity the LapBand was one of the more commonly performed operations. Still an excellent surgical weight loss option, no longer quite as popular, however many patients who had this procedure need quality LapBand adjustments and aftercare to maintain their success. Ultimate Bariatrics is setting the Gold Standard for weight loss aftercare.

The opening of the Irving office will give all patients the necessary tools for success. Lap Band fill adjustments, dietary consultations, and lab work are all the benchmarks for the continued success of a weight loss surgery.

About Ultimate Bariatrics

Ultimate Bariatrics is located in Fort Worth, Texas, and has opened offices in Dallas. Dr. Adam Smith, founder, has successfully maintained significant weight loss for over a decade. Watch his story about his decision to undergo the Lap-Band procedure & his resulting success. http://ultimatebariatrics.com/

For more information or to schedule an appointment:

Please visit http://ultimatebariatrics.com/ or call 844-ULT-LOSE (858-5673) to schedule an appointment. Dr. Adam Smith is actively seeking new patients in the following locations:

Fort Worth: 2501 Parkview Dr., Suite 560, Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Dallas: 4201 Wingren Dr., Suite 105, Irving, Texas 75062

Source: Ultimate Bariatrics

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