Ukrainian Citizenship Attracts More Foreigners

Ther article states that ukrainian citizenship attracts more and more foreigners. Specialists of UKRGOSRESURS help in this isuue.

In our modern world  immigration issues are particularly relevant. Everyone finds a solution due to the capabilities, goals and preferences. A large number of foreign nationals seeking to leave the limits of the country to improve economic activity, education, marriage or other reasons (for example, medical treatment). Ukraine is on the 4 position of the world ranking of countries to appeal among certain categories of immigrants. Over the last year more than 5 million people have migrated and have acquired the citizenship of Ukraine.

First of all, let's sum up the last year. In the 2015 such famous VIP-foreigners  wished to become ukrainians:

- Michelle Tereshchenko. The grandson of Ukrainian and French entrepreneur, the sugar manufacturer and philanthropist Mikhaila Tereshchenka, the activity of whom started at the beginning of the twentieth century, decided to return home. In Ukraine a successful businessman saw the potential and great prospects.

- Mikheil Saakashvili. The next foreigner wishing to obtain Ukrainian passport was ex-President of Georgia, the current Governor of the Odessa region. The reason for the granting of Ukrainian citizenship was a "state interest for Ukraine."

Christian Jereghi and Valery Balayan.  Film directors. Christian – russian-moldovan filmmaker who is famous for studio "Babylon 13". And Valery – documentary filmmaker.

In addition, the Ukrainian citizens are: Catherine Sergatsova (journalist, Russia), Eka Zguladze (ex-the Minister of internal affairs of Georgia, Eka is now the first Deputy Minister of internal affairs).

State migration service of Ukraine reports regularly about issued ukrainian passports to foreigners. Inspite of  some difficulties in the country,  there are more and more people who wish to obtain a citizenship here .

People are attracted by the prospects of Ukraine's accession to the EU, modern democratic reforms, investment in country by western businessmen. Victory on the face: success in the agricultural sector, international politics, the opening of a free trade zone with the EU. The amount of international reserves for 2015 has increased by 77 %, support of the world community and not only.

To make successful business in Ukraine is possible. It was proved by two swedes who came to our country when they were twenty, and organized a "ketchup", the # 1 brand company "Chumak".

By the way, one of the richest and most successful Ukrainian expats today is Mohammad Zahoor, the pakistani. According to Kyiv Post, he owned half-a-billion dollars. His wife is a Ukrainian singer Kamaliya. The interests of a millionaire are various: from the entertainment industry to oil and gas.

There are plenty of examples. So many foreigners seeking to live in Ukraine. "In Ukraine you can make business and there is area for ambitious entrepreneurs"- specialists of UKRGOSRESURS prove.


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