Foreigners in Ukraine: Investment in Real Estate Will Become a Trend

Explaining about some features of obtaining a citizenship of Ukraine.

In Ukraine the interest in commercial real estate increased. Foreigners are attracted by opportunities to invest money in this segment of the market.

Nowadays world in conditions of globalization opens opportunities which are often outside of your home country. Emerging markets for a reason received its name. They have consistently outpaced mature markets of the United States and Europe, so Ukraine is in the leading position when it comes to emerging markets.

The global crisis of 2008 has provided a wonderful opportunity for investors who have missed the chance in previous years. Ukraine, which many have dubbed the Spain of Eastern Europe, offers unlimited growth potential. Although the country is still in embryonic stage in the development of tourism and at the beginning of economic growth, the opportunities are vast for those willing to take the risk.

It is worth to notice that last year the country was visited by more than thirteen millions of foreign citizens, according to Forbes. Certainly, many guests arrived in Ukraine not only for tourism.

The greatest interest was shown in buying office space. Of course, the demand is for modern facilities that attract tenants. A reasonable investor doesn't want to risk money and he need to make sure in demand.

Potentially profitable objects attract the foreign buyers. In this case investors act quite discreetly.

It is worth noting that last year at secondary commercial market were closed deals for sixty-five million dollars, as reported on the information portal In comparison with 2014 year the market has considerably revived.

Who comes to Ukraine?

According to Forbes, the flow of structure has undergone significant changes. For instance, the number of visitors from Russia decreased almost twice. In general statistics say about the entry of foreign citizens in Ukraine over the past year by the countries from which they came. First place is Moldova, followed by Belarus and Russia. Also Ukraine was visited by citizens of countries such as Poland (1,16 million), Hungary (1,07). Less than one million guests arrived from Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Germany, Israel, USA, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Italy.


The citizenship of Ukraine for foreigners

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