UK Study Reveals Less Than 1 in 10 People Understand Radon

Radon is the #1 environmental health threat. November 7th, 2015 marks the start of the first UK Radon Awareness Week, an important and necessary step for improved awareness of the national and international health risk radon gas poses.

​If asked about the risks associated with long-term exposure to radon gas, how many would you be able to list? In a recent study of nearly 3,000 people commissioned by the UK Radon Association, only 9% of Britons were aware of the health threat radon gas poses. Of the 91% unable to list any health risks associated with radioactive radon gas, 67% admitted to not knowing there were any related health risks at all.

“Radon gas is a significant international health issue, but many homeowners still aren’t aware of the potential risk they face by not testing their homes. Action can only come after awareness, so the first step in treating the international radon problem is raising awareness,” says David Hill, President of the New England Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (NEAARST), and Executive Vice President of Spruce Environmental Technologies, Inc., a U.S. corporation and the parent company of RadonAway®, the world’s number one radon fan manufacturer.

Radon gas is a significant international health issue, but many homeowners still aren't aware of the potential risk they face by not testing their homes

David Hill, Executive Vice President of Spruce

In March of this year, RadonAway sent its first shipment of radon mitigation fans to its UK distributor, propertECO, marking an important step in the effort to bring the company’s 25 years of radon remediation experience to Europe. This year also marks the introduction of UK Radon Awareness Week, from November 7th-13th. “The first UK Radon Awareness Week represents an important milestone in the development of the radon industry in the UK. For many years, the issue of radon has been recognized and understood amongst governments, researchers and, to a certain extent, the industry; however, this campaign aims to bring education to the masses,” says propertECO Commercial Director, Rebecca Coates.

Public Health England reports that radioactive radon gas causes over 1,100 deaths per year in the UK. With less than one in ten UK homeowners aware of radon as an internationally-recognized top-tier carcinogen, a push for awareness is critical. It’s not just homeowners who remain uninformed about radon. In the same study of nearly 3,000 Britons, 76% of people polled reported that professionals who had worked in their basements never mentioned radon as a possible hazard requiring testing.

Martin Freeman, Managing Director of propertECO (and UK Radon Association Chairman) says, "We are very keen to promote not only awareness about the issue of radon, but also the need to use experienced and credible professionals to ensure homeowners and employers end up with a safe indoor environment.” Just as you would not use your dentist to perform your heart surgery, an experienced radon professional is always the best choice for radon testing and remediation. RadonAway and PropertECO have published a UK Radon Awareness Week graphic to further promote this message to homeowners.

On both a national and international level, public awareness of radon is the first step toward healthier homes. The first UK Radon Awareness Week is a necessary step toward a more informed public ready to take action and seek the credible professionals and quality products they need for real improvement in their indoor environment. As Martin Freeman says, “We are striving to create a vibrant and well-respected radon industry that consumers can be confident in relying upon. As well as confidence in the people that are involved, there is an equal need for high quality, reliable equipment, which is why we partnered with RadonAway to bring their range of expert fans and accessories to the European market." RadonAway and propertECO will continue to work together in the global effort toward safer indoor air. ​