Uboss OSS/BSS Announces Combined BroadSoft Hosted PBX and Cellular SIM User Bundles

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Uboss, the internationally deployed OSS/BSS process automation platform for BroadSoft BroadWorks based Service Providers, has announced the integration of cellular GSM SIMs that can be integrated into BroadSoft Hosted PBX user bundles.

For Service Providers, this means that a single deployable bundle can now address both the wired and wireless requirements for subscribers resulting in a higher value, stickier value proposition. Uboss allows total flexibility in which BroadSoft services are bundled and carriers can retain their existing cellular provider relationships. Uboss allows all fixed IP and cellular calls and mobile data to be tracked in real-time within the user profile. Crucially, call recordings from the mobile device are also loaded against the user profile in Uboss and available in near real-time.

Dave Dadds, CEO at Uboss says, "We all understand the importance of mobile first in our go to market strategies but for service providers, unifying wired and wireless from a provisioning and service orchestration standpoint has been hard to achieve." As well as allowing the creation of combined bundles, Uboss manages all billing for BroadSoft, cellular and other services while also catering for any required contract and commercial models.

Service providers no longer need to run their hosted PBX and mobile operations as separate silos meaning that all call logs, recordings and analytics for any device and media type are all centralised. As a SaaS model, BroadSoft providers leveraging Uboss will not need to deploy any servers or databases in their network. Uboss is a purely hosted platform that will seamlessly connect to their BroadSoft platform and any other vendor solutions they need to integrate.

Dadds concludes "We believe the ability to quickly add new services and have them totally integrated is essential for service providers to maintain their competitive advantage as the market evolves. We are committed to providing 100% automation for our service provider customers to help them maximize the opportunity in the Cloud."

About Uboss

Uboss is a technology management platform delivering an operational hub for Cloud Voice and Application providers. In a marketplace where products, services and propositions change frequently Uboss provides continuity for provisioning, tariffing, billing, reporting, hardware fulfillment, security and service integration. In this way, Uboss helps to maximise revenue by getting Service Providers to market quicker with a more sophisticated product offering.

Uboss is a trading name of DRD Communications Ltd, headquartered in London, UK.

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Charlotte Quartly
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Email: c.quartly@drd.co.uk

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