U.S. High-Schoolers Should Consider Becoming Marijuana Farmers, Survey Shows

When thousands of Americans were asked to imagine themselves as careers counselors, as part of a nationwide statistically-significant survey, one of the top ten most recommended jobs was farming with shout-outs for marijuana as the most desirable cash crop.

​When advertising executive and researcher J. J. Robertson asked thousands of Americans to advise the nation’s teens on professions in their states offering livable steady-ish wages, the most mentioned careers were (in order of most recommended):

1. Healthcare (with endorsements for geriatric care and addiction counseling)

"Less than one percent of respondents recommended a career in advertising: more Americans recommended a career in adult entertainment."

J. J. Robertson, Author of "Are You Buying This?"

2. Information technology/video-game designer

3. Teacher/professor

4. Engineer (specializing in renewable energy)

5. Lawyer (focusing on divorce law)

6. Homeland security/police/armed forces

7. Entrepreneur

8. Farmer (with marijuana, the top suggested cash crop)

9. Financier/stock-market expert

However, there were stipulations attached. Teachers, some Americans warned, get frustrated teaching “to the test.” Doctors, others said, fear getting sued. And only 18 percent of self-employed respondents recommended entrepreneurship due to its risk of bankruptcy.

Other careers endorsed to high schoolers included: dietician, smartphone designer, air-conditioning installer, and becoming a criminal.

Less than one percent of respondents recommended a career in advertising: more Americans recommended a career in adult entertainment.

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About “The American Meaning of Life Project”

“The American Meaning of Life Project” is a nationwide statistically significant survey. To date, U.S. citizens who have answered the project’s questions proportionately matched the latest U.S. census on the ratio of men to women in America, and the ratio of residents in the Northeast to the South, West, and Midwest. While respondents closely matched the latest U.S. census on age distribution (although 30-plus-year-olds were slightly overrepresented), the ratio of Republican supporters to Democratic supporters, the ratio of atheists to those with religious beliefs, and the ratio of U.S. citizens by birth to naturalized citizens.

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