Two Million and Counting at Verde Canyon Railroad

On May 25, 2017, Verde Canyon Railroad celebrates a new milestone with a very special giveaway. One lucky passenger, not to be revealed until May 25, will hold the title of the train's two-millionth rider. In celebration of the occasion his or her entire party will be upgraded to the luxury-class caboose! All are welcome to join the celebration, enjoying cupcakes prior to train's 1pm departure.

​​How many owls live on planet earth? How many months have passed since the dawn of humanity? And how many people, over the past 27 years, has Verde Canyon Railroad brought into the rare unspoiled riparian splendor along its tracks? The answer to these questions: two million.

Hard to fathom that the remote Verde Canyon has played host to so many over the years. For those traveling the route today, they feel very removed from the hustle and bustle of cities and commerce. The quietude of the canyon belies the crowd of visitors, as each train ride is a peaceful experience: the breeze and the birds interrupted only by occasional joyous laughter, a clickety-clack of the wheels on steel, a horn echoing off the red rock canyon walls as the engines announce their presence.

From its early 20th Century days as the brawny muscle hauling product for the United Verde Copper Company from Jerome, to its rebirth as a premiere tourist attraction, this scenic train has carved a popular path through the Arizona wilderness. Its 1990 inception as Verde Canyon Railroad was the start of a new chapter in the life of the rails and the meandering riparian wilderness through which it passes. By 2005 the Governor of Arizona appointed Verde Canyon Railroad an “Arizona Treasure” and the passenger service commemorated its one millionth passenger.

In 2012 Verde Canyon Railroad celebrated both the Arizona State Centennial and its 100th birthday. Over the decades, Verde Canyon Railroad has hosted visitors from all over the world and has been the site for many important events and family milestones. The train has grown from a small consist of a handful of cars to nearly a quarter-mile in length, featuring nine living room-style, first-class cars, one historically-restored coach, a private-charter luxury caboose and offered unlimited access to six open-air viewing cars. The depot has expanded to include a southwestern-style depot, a museum, outdoor dining area, gift shops, café and colorful storyboards detailing the canyon’s history and wild denizens. 

Now, the next chapter of Verde Canyon Railroad’s success: the count reaches two million passengers. On May 25, 2017, Verde Canyon Railroad celebrates its new milestone with a very special giveaway. One lucky passenger, not to be revealed until the day of arrival, will hold the title of the train’s two-millionth rider.  In celebration of the occasion his or her entire party will be upgraded to the luxury-class caboose! 

Real rails, real people, and a real adventure make Verde Canyon Railroad a feast for each of the senses.  Passengers relax in plush comfort as the train rumbles into rugged terrain, where eagles soar from the edges of deep red cliffs, and the Verde River weaves a sinuous path through the high desert.  At Verde Canyon Railroad it has always been about the journey, not the destination.

Merely a stone’s throw from the hillside mining town of Jerome, Verde Canyon Railroad’s Clarkdale depot is in the heart of the Verde Valley, a diverse crossroads featuring amazing adventures in every direction. Only two hours from Phoenix and 25 minutes from Sedona, Verde Canyon Railroad is the perfect Arizona day trip. Reservations may be made at or at 800.293.7245.

It’s Always a Great Day When You Are on A Train!​

Contact: Teresa Propeck
​Reservations: 800-293-7245
​Phone: 623-374-3185

Source: Verde Canyon Railroad

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Verde Canyon Railroad offers an unforgettable rail adventure following the curves of the Verde River 20 miles into a scenic Sedona-area wilderness accessible only by train. Luxurious amenities make this historic 4-hour journey a popular destination.

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