TW Shortt, Candidate, Kentucky House of Representative District 10 Appointed to Economic Development Team

"I'm excited about the challenge and the opportunity to work with community leaders to create economic growth across Breckinridge, Hancock and Hardin County Kentucky" , said Shortt.

In an effort to spur economic expansion and the potential for new  jobs in northern Hardin County , Radcliff Mayor Mike Weaver established the marketing committee by executive order and invited key business and community leaders to serve.

Millpond Business Center, an industrial park located on busy state highway 313 in Radcliff  , was originally purchased and developed with a state grant of around two million dollars almost twenty years ago.

Unfortunately, due to a multitude of factors , the project has been virtually dormant since then with the exception of a couple of  light industrial businesses.

Elected Radcliff Mayor in 2014 , Weaver  has moved aggressively to bring projects to fruition that were in the development stage upon his swearing in. Millpond Business Center is a natural next step for economic development.

The recent addition of a national clothing  business and the final construction of a major connecting highway in the vicinity, make the timing of this marketing committee  perfect , according to Shortt.

“ I’ve long been an advocate for  the potential of this site  and can visualize a revitalization there” said Shortt. During 2015 , the city council approved funding to establish a “build ready” site which represents the enthusiasm city leaders now have for moving this forward.

Weaver tasked the committee with learning everything imaginable about Millpond Business center and presenting him with suggestions to aggressively market  this valuable resource without further delay.

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