Tutoring Helps Struggling Students Catch Up

The demand for student tutoring increased during the pandemic and has proven to be highly effective at helping students overcome their struggles with literacy and numeracy.

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According to ABC to VCE, the leading tutors Sunshine and beyond, there is no one way of learning for all students in one class. Over the past two years, face-to-face learning has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has left some children struggling to keep up, including students who speak English as a second language. Tutoring has proved highly effective in helping students develop a love of learning and improve key literacy and numeracy skills.

Offering consistent support, upskilled educators and with a true passion for the education process, ABC to VCE tutoring gives students the opportunity to reach their full potential. With sessions informed by the Victorian Curriculum, ABC to VCE tutoring gives students individualised attention that they don't necessarily get in a classroom. 

For students who struggled to keep up when learning shifted online during the pandemic, ABC to VCE explains that tutoring helps strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence and builds important learning skills. The ABC to VCE tutors get to know a child's individual learning style and can adapt teaching methods to ensure students get the most from their sessions.

With constant encouragement and an environment free of distractions, ABC to VCE offers mini group tutoring with a maximum of five students per session as well as personalised tutoring sessions with one to two students. For students who don't feel comfortable asking questions in front of their peers, these small groups help teach them to be comfortable asking questions without feeling self-conscious. 

ABC to VCE offers a range of tutoring programs, including a pre-school program as well as programs for primary school, Naplan, high school and school holiday sessions. Additionally, ABC to VCE is a top-rated VCE tutor Sunshine and beyond, providing programs to help students succeed in their studies and remain on track of learning goals.  

To find out more about the leading primary and high school tutor Sunshine wide and how they can help students fill any gaps in their knowledge and accelerate their learning efficiently and effectively, contact ABC to VCE today. Please call us on 0433 221 034 to ensure someone can assist you, or email us at info@abctovce.com.au.

Source: ABC to VCE


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