TSplus is the BYOD Friendly Remote Desktop Solution

TSplus is constantly investing to improve its offers and to stay at the top of its game. Innovations are based on the last technological trends and noticeable habits of customers. That is why TSplus has decided to focus its future development on the increased number of Remote Desktop users who connect via mobile devices to keep working when they are on the go.

TSplus Remote Desktop is a BYOD friendly solution

TSplus 11.10 provides many options to publish Remote Apps according to the chosen device format. Until now, this function was integrated into the HTML5 Client: the TSplus Web Portal is automatically displayed in a responsive way according to the size of the screen and the type of device used to connect to the Remote Server. It is now equally possible to adjust the number and organize the way applications are displayed when using the Floating Panel. Thus, the Administrator can easily customize the Application Panel size to adapt it to the users’ interface. This can be also very convenient when users are using different types of operating systems or workstations.

It simply works even within one single session, by assigning applications to one user or group. This great setting is available for both the generated client and MSTSC/RDP protocol.

How to manage the TSplus Application Panel Display Options?

In the Admin Tool interface, click on the Applications tile and select "customize Application panel". Several display options are available; for example, to align six Remote Apps in one column or for a more compressed format, to have three rows of two applications.

Optimized HTML5 Client Behavior for Mobile Devices

It is obvious that the look-and-feel on a mobile device differs radically from the usual workstation. TSplus' major concern has always been to make life easier for Remote Desktop users. For this purpose, mobile users are now at the centre of the strategy.

The TSplus HTML5 Client allows remote connection from any device, with just a web browser. Users can launch Chrome, Firefox, or another browser of their choice to access the TSplus Applications Web Portal.

Moreover, the latest 11.10 release includes a whole new HTML5 client, based on an enhanced kernel to deliver the best behavior on tablets and Smartphones.

As a great example, it provides a very handy mini-mouse that makes buttons and windows selection super quick and easy. The keyboard is also optimized, as it can now be automatically displayed with a simple right-click on the chosen input field.

Upcoming innovation: TSplus Application for mobile devices!

TSplus is taking a step further for the complete satisfaction of its mobile users. It has been a dream for long; it is soon-to-be a reality!

In the next months, TSplus customers can expect the release of a dedicated application to benefit from the same amazing capabilities on smartphones and easily access their business applications from everywhere. The TSplus Remote Desktop App will be downloadable on Google Play Store or iTunes and will offer the full software functionality already available for generated and HTML5 clients.

This App will be highly scalable and mobile responsive, adapted to Smartphone touch and display specificities.

Just stay connected and be the first to enjoy a secure connection to remote applications and data via mobile device! TSplus Remote Desktop App is making life much easier for workers on the go.

Download and try TSplus 11.10 right now and enjoy 15 days of free trial!

To update any existing system, download and run the new UpdateRelease: http://dl-files.com/beta/UpdateRelease.exe

Source: Terminal Service Plus

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