TSplus Integrates SAASPASS and Provide Multi-Factor Authentication

Authentication is at the center of, and the very essence of security. Many of daily breaches are carried out by attackers with the use of compromised credentials. By adding a multi-factor authentication requirement to TSplus policies, even attackers in possession of compromised credentials are hindered from gaining access to remote servers, devices, and applications.

SASSPASS/TSplus Autentication Portal

As more information moves to the cloud, the authentication process is the gate. Simple username/passwords are no longer sufficient for VPN Configurations, Server Network Access and On-premise applications. It is the whole system which needs to be air-gapped and protected physically from access.

With hundreds of millions of identities and credentials stolen annually, now more than ever, IT teams have a more difficult job. They have the responsibility to ensure that users are who they say they are and that their credentials have not been compromised. For this reason, many are now turning to multi-factor authentication (MFA) or two-factor authentication (2FA) to reduce the risk of stolen passwords.

TSplus makes use of MFA World-Class security solution to deploy software securely

Security is a major concern for TSplus, which uses Active Directory to authenticate users before allowing them to access any published application or Remote Desktop. The SAASPASS plug-in improves this level of Security. SAASPASS is the market reference for Multi- factor Authentication protocol and allows highly secure remote connections when combined with TSplus to efficiently prevent malicious people from stealing credentials and accessing sensitive data.

SAASPASS is architected to be easily integrated into access systems like TSplus. As so, SAASPASS integration in TSplus' Security Policies is a quick and straightforward process. The only must pre-requisite is to download the SAASPASS App for mobile.

With SAASPASS, two factors must always be present, sometimes three where additional passwords are still required. The application has the ability to retain two-factor authentication even when offline.

All the user has to do is to register his company name onto the admin portal at http://www.saaspass.com and follow the instructions recommended in TSplus/SAASPASS online documentation. Once all steps have been achieved, the user can log-in directly into TSPlus using SAASPASS!


  • Latest version of TSPlus installed
  • SAASPASS Mobile App installed with valid registration
  • WebSocket Protocol and ASP.NET 4.5 installed
  • Reachable server from SAASPASS for Login options

Keep Your Remote Networks Secure with TSplus and SAASPASS.

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