TSplus Expands Its Products Range and Offers Two New Add-Ons

TSplus delivers best-in-class solutions for Remote Desktop services. Scalability, performance, agility, security, and cost-effectiveness are some of the vital benefits offered by the TSplus system. Today, TSplus renews its products catalog and add two new optional tools to enhance the use of the Remote Desktop software.

New Tools for TSplus Remote Desktop software

Easy and Real-time Remote server Monitoring with Server Genius

TSplus is proud to release Server Genius, an easy-to-install-and-to-use reporting solution to setup on remote servers. This smart tool monitors, records and analyzes the most useful information in every application and delivers enterprise-scale analytics in a compressed and searchable format.

Set up in a minute, Server Genius gives facts and data about servers performance (CPU, Memory, I/O, Disks), applications usage and users activity to provide real-time alerts. All changes and resources usage are tracked and the administrator gets automatic notifications for every suspicious event.

Server Genius benefits for TSplus customers:

  • Quick installation: 30-second setup guarantee
  • No client software
  • Real-time alerts by emails
  • Easy-to-read and complete reports
  • User-friendly web interface: BYOD compatible
  • Helps to increase performance and to reduce software costs

Server Genius is generally available and downloadable for free on TSplus' website.

RDS-Knight Keeps Remote Desktops' Connections Fully Secure

Nothing is more important than the security and success of every TSplus customer. That is why TSplus is happy to introduce its brand-new add-on RDS-Knight, designed to make the use of remote access in daily routine as safe as possible.

RDS-Knight offers advanced functionality to warrantee a full RDP protection. Two different editions exist:

  • RDS-Knight Security Essentials is the absolute necessary security package for keeping remote connections completely safe, thanks to three major protective measures. It is the efficient "turn-key" security solution that every RDS Administrator needs:
    • Protection: prevents foreign attackers to open a session.
    • Working Hours Restriction: prohibits users to connect at night.
    • Prevents Brute-Force attacks: blacklists the offending IP addresses.
  • RDS-Knight Ultimate Protection provides two additional protective features intending to lock down RDS Servers and protect them against any breach that could lead an organization to a failure. It is the "must-have" shield for securing large environments, running on Windows Servers with multiple connections:
    • One-Click to Secure Desktop: provides highly secured user's environment.
    • End-Point Device Protection: restricts access per device.

RDS-Knight is generally available and downloadable for free in its full version (Ultimate) on TSplus' website.

About TSplus Software:

TSplus International worked over a decade to build the best Citrix alternative and its team is at the top of its game. TSplus has developed worldwide class solutions to web-enable any Windows application. TSplus offers the most advanced solutions for Cloud Computing, Web Portal, and Application Publishing services. Their global solutions range from multinational to SMBs. From HR to Finance or IT, see how quickly you can web enable instantly your Windows apps for collaborating, connecting, and increasing productivity.

For additional information, visit http://terminalserviceplus.com or send an e-mail to floriane.mer@terminalserviceplus.com who will be pleased to answer you.

Source: TSplus

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