TSplus Enterprise Features Its Windows Application Servers Farm to Warrant Scalability and Performances

TSplus Enterprise Edition automatically distributes new incoming connections to the least loaded Windows Application Servers of the farm. Based on its in-built TSplus load balancer, the deployment of any number of concurrent sessions becomes fully scalable. TSplus Enterprise Edition includes the TSplus Gateway, the Reverse Proxy and the Web Portal roles within one integrated and costless solution.

Farm of TSplus Application Servers

​​​​​TSplus Farm simplifies your deployment

TSplus Enterprise exclusive Farm features allow the Administrator to manage all of TSPlus Application Servers settings from a single point: the Gateway and its new farm management technology. You can now manage and monitor the behavior of each Windows Application Servers of the TSplus Farm with our brand new Farm Manager feature.

TSplus Remote Application Server reinforces your ability to easily set up key virtualization components. The key expectation to build an effective farm architecture is the scalability, the reliability and the end-to-end performances. TSplus is providing "all-in-one" the proper answer to achieve such goals.  

1.     TSplus Web Portal

A major challenge that administrators face when building TSplus load-balancing environments is to efficiently handle incoming connections from Internet based clients without compromising security in the process. A good practice is to create a DMZ environment that is the entry point for Internet based users. With the TSplus Web Portal and its unique Reverse-Proxy role, you do it within few minutes: TSplus is providing a built-in Web Server and includes the AdminTool, an amazing Web Master toolkit to customize user Web Portal experience.

2.     TSplus Gateway

​It is hosting the TSplus Web Portal and it can be installed within a DMZ. The Gateway server behaves as a reverse proxy between the DMZ and the secured Intranet where the farm Application Servers are installed. The Gateway is matching Internet users session requests to the proper Windows Application Server of your TSplus Farm. Thus, each time a user has established its Internet access, TSplus will automatically redirect its request from the Gateway to the less loaded Application Server of the farm.

3.     TSplus Application Servers

They are web-enabling the Remote Desktops and Remote Applications. With a TSplus farm of servers deployment, the production among the farm becomes scalable and the performances are predictable. Aside from fail-over benefits, such architecture enables to serve a large number of concurrent sessions and the overall workload is distributed across the farm of Application Servers.

4.     TSplus AdminTool management console

It is the easy way to setup a farm of servers. The deployment of a TSplus Application Servers Farm tends to have many requested settings. The TSplus AdminTool is hiding this complexity and in few minutes the administrator will manage its farm settings such as resources, Application Control, Reverse Proxy and load-balancing. To do so, the AdminTool is an all-in-one, easy to use, single interface.

While these are some insight of the outstanding TSplus load-balancing architecture, it is important to remember that the TSplus Enterprise Edition is providing much more benefits: HTML5 client, Universal Printing, advanced security, Portable Client Generator, Application Control... for a fraction of Citrix cost.

Download now the TSplus Enterprise Edition for 15 days trial and discover the last enhancements of TSplus Server Farm.

About TSplus

TSplus is a platform-independent Remote Desktop, Windows application delivery and integrated Web Portal management solution to any PCs, MAC, mobile devices including Smartphone and tablets. With TSplus, all users are able to achieve a higher level of satisfaction and computing resources are fully optimized. Providing scalability, reliability and flexibility, TSplus Gateway and Farm Manager are "a must have" technology to optimize any Internet deployment project, to reinforce security and to guarantee end-to-end Windows remote application performances.

For any questions, comments, suggestions or sales inquiries please send an e-mail to floriane.mer@terminalserviceplus.com who will be pleased to answer you.

Source: TSplus

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