TSplus and Clarion Announced a New Solution to Web Enable Any Clarion Application

Like Delphi or PowerBuilder, Clarion is a 4GL, Rapid Application programming language and Integrated Development Environment used to program mission-critical database applications. Clarion community members are using TSplus Thin-Clients for several years. During last Clarion Live Webinar, TSplus has announced the Web Portal solution to publish Clarion apps and to use it from any device.

With TSplus, you can web-enable any Windows hosted app and use it on your mobile device!

Clarion apps deployment have been field tested across the globe for over 2 decades. Clarion Life is the active user group of the worldwide Clarion developers community. About two weeks ago, TSplus was the privileged guest of one of their webinars. During this two-hour online talk show, the Clarion developers discovered the latest improvements of TSplus full web technologies in terms of security and mobility for the purpose of providing to all Clarion app users the ultimate remote desktop app experience.

TSplus Official Member of Clarion Developers International Community

Clarion has assembled one of the most active worldwide communities of IT experts and software developers. The Clarion Developers Community organizes online forums to share information and ideas, to solve technical difficulties and to discover new IT solutions. It's a great place to receive support from knowledgeable people on every Clarion product.

Since TSplus is a remote desktop app solution used by Clarion developers for their own clients, TSplus is a valued member of this exclusive community. For this reason, TSplus was proud to participate to the last Clarion Live! webinar. These online conferences teach Clarion developers new technologies and show them how to make it work within a Clarion environment.

John Davies, Founder of TSplus, and Olivier Benoit, President of the company, has enjoyed this special opportunity to announce TSplus' latest updates as well as the future developments roadmap. The presentation focused on two topics: Cyber Security and best practices for Windows Mobile Users.

TSplus, The Most Secure Remote Desktop Solution

Since cyber security and data protection is a major concern for all organizations, the TSplus development team has been focusing on offering the most secure Remote Desktop Application for Windows platforms. The latest TSplus releases 11.50 includes the state of the art features to guarantee a full protection of both employees and companies when using remote connections. Administrators benefit from numerous options for locking down server access or restricting user remote sessions privileges regardless of connection mode.

For instance, when using the HTML5 Web Application Portal to start Windows applications, the administrator can enforce the use of a secured HTTPS/SSL encrypted protocol. He can also prohibit the display of the user Remote Desktop or restrict the Web Access to users accounts. TSplus is also providing the most advanced server protection tool named RDS-Knight. This add-on is included in the free trial version of TSplus. It prevents and blocks security breaches with features like Brute Force attacks, Homeland protection, End-Point security enforcement, Working Hours access control, Kiosk Mode for user published applications and Anti-Ransomware shield which will be added beginning of October 2018. For organizations with large IT infrastructures that use Windows farm of Application Servers, TSplus also offers load balancing and single sign-on to guarantee safe and stable connections with end-to-end encryption. For additional security, administrators can also install Server Genius, the best Remote Desktop monitoring solution to know "who is doing what and when". Server Genius tracks every event on Web servers, RDS servers and log the production history into a central database. The Server Genius Web Monitoring Reports, per server, per application or per user, is the perfect tool for keeping an eye on Remote Application usage over time. In case of a server problem, the administrator is alerted in real-time by a mail alarm.

Additional developments around the protection of Remote Desktops and the Web Portal are expected. This is a central theme in TSplus' strategy.

TSplus Supports Multi-Device Remote Connections

It’s not a new concept, but the success of a business relies extensively on mobility and flexibility. Consequently, remote working has become very common. Managers want to be able to work from anywhere at any time using any type of device. This is why TSplus is such a great solution. For an affordable price, it enables unlimited remote access to Windows-hosted applications, offering the same performance from a PC, Mac, tablet or Smartphone. No matter which operating system is preferred, users can open their business app on their iPad in an instant, just by using their default web browser and the TSplus HTML5 web client. That is the strength of TSplus. It’s super scalable and adaptable. The display can even be customized according to the user’s preferences and the company’s corporate image. The web application portal is responsive, and includes multiple settings to make it more user-friendly on a mobile screen.

However, TSplus options for mobility don’t end there. The software developer has recently released a dedicated mobile app. The TSplus remote desktop App is available free of charge to all customers with a Mobile or Enterprise edition, in the following app stores: Apple, Google Play, Linux and the Microsoft Store. It makes connecting remotely from mobile devices extremely easy. The second version of this app is already out, and has been downloaded thousands of times. It provides useful new settings and remote printing without any additional installation required.

TSplus promises additional innovations in 2019, so stay tuned for future releases...

To learn more about TSplus solutions, visit the website.

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