TSplus 12.50 - Making Remote Access Feel a Little Less Remote

TSplus Version 12.50 has arrived! Using feedback from our most trusted resource - the customer - the developers at TS have introduced a new upgrade to the TSplus user experience.

TSplus 12.50 Introduces "Send To Client" feature

TSplus is an application delivery platform that web enables corporate applications and provides remote desktop access.

With a wide array of configuration options, TSplus can offer a classic remote desktop session or deliver applications in ways that blur the lines between local and remote user experiences. 

It is important that remote sessions are optimized to create a smooth and easy-to-use working environment.

The 12.50 release keeps pushing the boundaries of remote sessions. Always listening to its customers, the team at TSplus has introduced the ‘Send To Client’ feature, a context menu that lets users - with the proper permissions - right click to download files created during their remote sessions, to the local machine.

How does TSplus 'Send To Client' work?

To be able to use the ‘Send To Client’ feature, the Administrator must first enable it in the “Advanced Settings” tab of the AdminTool.

Users will then be able to right click on any file or folder created in their remote session, and save it directly on their own client device. By default, the save location will be the local desktop, but the users can browse to the local disk and choose their preferred file destination.

It makes file transfer super easy, and it works with both the RDP and HTML5 clients

TSplus' latest release also includes numerous fixes and other nice enhancements which can be reviewed in detail in the changelog: https://docs.terminalserviceplus.com/TSplus-Changelog.html

Regarding the essential Security field, TSplus includes a trial of RDS-Knight latest 4.3 release! This version adds a database to store events, IP addresses, reports and security checks which helps performing security audits. Plus, it includes the new 'Permissions' feature to set Windows permissions in a click. To know more, check the changelog: https://docs.terminalserviceplus.com/RDS-Knight-Changelog.html


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