Truth, Beauty & Goodness - Shining Mountain Waldorf School Introduces New Brand Logo and Brand Essence Painted Across School's Festival Hall Gymnasium

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Shining Mountain Waldorf School, a fully accredited Pre-K through 12 independent Waldorf school in Boulder, Colorado, introduced a new brand and logo that better reflects the values and aspirations of the school. The words truth, beauty and goodness – the new brand essence – have been painted across the wall of the school’s gymnasium.   

“Waldorf Education is the fastest growing educational movement in the world. It is our responsibility and joy to develop future leaders that will have positive impacts on the world, it is important that our brand reflect this,” said Jane Zeender, School Director. “At the heart of our new branding is our purpose – we are a community dedicated to educating children to lead and serve the world in truth, beauty and goodness.”

The new brand includes a new logo, a modern representation of three mountain peaks with a sun rising above the center peak. The three mountain peaks are reminiscent of those that can be viewed from the school’s campus and conjure the three words from the brand essence. The sun highlights an aspirational destination. The school’s website at was updated to reflect the new branding and the new logo has been emblazoned across the front of the school’s Festival Hall.

“Truth, beauty and goodness are ancient ideas; they are virtues that are crucial bedrocks of our humanity. Each one strengthens a different aspect of a human being, and each represents something we wish to foster in our educational program,” said Dr. Lawrence Mathews, high school teacher and faculty chair. “The qualities of truth, beauty and goodness are now regarded as the school’s essence, a true North, something for the school to follow, to aspire to, and to place at the center of our work.”

The words truth, beauty and goodness, and the new logo were painted across the wall of the high-school gymnasium to allow students to live the bold brand purpose.  

Designed in partnership with Boulder-based creative firm, Storyworks Inc., the new brand and visual identity presents the school with clarity, purpose and vision.

“Shining Mountain provided a unique opportunity for us to work with a process we call True North, which is a brand process we designed for purpose centered organizations,” said Michael Shaun Conaway, CEO of Storyworks. “The faculty, staff, students and parents all contributed to the process so that we could tell the most authentic story of the uniqueness of a Shining Mountain education. When together we all hit upon Truth, Beauty and Goodness as the essence of the education, we knew we had found a True North that would guide the school for years to come. Once True North was found it was easy to tell the Shining Mountain story in the identity and in the films we made about the school.”

Shining Mountain would like to encourage everyone to explore the updated website and watch a new video series about the school at

About Shining Mountain Waldorf School

Shining Mountain Waldorf School is a fully accredited Pre-K-12 independent Waldorf school with a current enrollment of 305 students (65 in the high school) for the 2016-2017 school year. A full Waldorf curriculum is offered, including two world languages (Spanish and German), woodworking, handwork, movement, instrumental and orchestral music, and chorus. All full-time faculty members are Waldorf-trained teachers and represent a rich spectrum of life experiences along with strengths as Waldorf educators. For more information, please visit

About Storyworks

Storyworks is a Creative Firm that helps companies grow purpose, profit and impact. Storyworks offers a unique branding process for social ventures and for benefit companies called True North. True North recognizes that values and purpose work create alignment and power in organizations who are out to do good in the world. Brand then becomes an extension of the essence of the company driving authentic communications and storytelling that connect customers to the heart of the company. For more information about Storyworks, please visit

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Mary Eaton Fairfield, SMWS Admission and Marketing Director, at (303) 951-8579 or email at

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