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Forensics Data Collections 2.0: The Guide for Defensible & Efficient Processes

Forensic Data Collections 2.0: The Guide for Defensible & Efficient Processes

Sandline Global, a premier litigation support and eDiscovery service provider, announces that Robert B. Fried, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Forensics & Investigations, a digital forensic expert, private investigator, and sought-after industry thought leader, has published his book, Forensic Data Collections 2.0: The Guide for Defensible & Efficient Processes. The book contains invaluable information related to the identification, preservation, and collection of electronic evidence from the most common data sources. For over twenty years, Fried has been consulting clients, which include global law firms, corporations, private investigators, and individuals, on methods by which data can be forensically collected and examined in the most defensible and efficient manner - allowing it to be admissible in court. 

Forensic Data Collections 2.0 presents a technical subject matter, in a manner that can be understood by individuals of any background. Whether new to the fields of digital forensics or eDiscovery, or an experienced practitioner, the reader will understand key concepts and methodologies that are utilized throughout the various stages of the process. Fried is happy to be able to share his knowledge with others: "Having an academic background in forensic science, computer forensics, and information security, I had to learn how to apply my knowledge within the field of eDiscovery, when consulting clients. I achieved this by listening closely to the needs and concerns of each of the stakeholders involved in litigation matters or investigations. Data Collections 2.0 is a culmination of what I have learned over the years, including what to consider, and the right questions to ask, when identifying, preserving, and collecting relevant data."

Fried leads the day-to-day operations of the Forensics and Investigations practice for Sandline Global, including overseeing the firm's forensics and investigations services, and its state-of-the-art digital forensics laboratory in New York City. Fried is a member of several professional organizations, is a featured author in industry publications, and is an invited speaker and guest for industry events, and podcasts. He obtained a BS and MS in Forensic Science from the University of New Haven, maintains several industry certifications in digital forensics, and cryptocurrency, and is a private / professional investigator in New York and Michigan.

Data Collections 2.0: The Guide for Defensible & Efficient Processes is available for purchase from online retailers, or direct from the book's website:

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