Sandline Global Enhances Forensic Capabilities With Detego Global’s Ballistic Imager

Leading agile advisory firm adds lightning-fast ballistic imager to its technology stack

Sandline Global

Sandline, a global leader in eDiscovery support services and digital forensics, proudly announces the integration of Detego Global's Ballistic Imager into its diversified forensic toolkit. This strategic addition empowers Sandline with cutting-edge technology for rapid device imaging, further solidifying its commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions to its clients.

The collaboration between Sandline and Detego Global culminated at a recent industry conference where the Sandline team had the opportunity to engage with Detego Global's innovative solutions firsthand.

“Meeting Detego Global’s team at an industry conference was a great way to get introduced to the company and their cutting-edge digital forensics solutions. The ability to see a live, in-person demo made it easy to understand how the solution could fit into our toolkit. Our team validated the tool and were highly impressed with the consistency at which Ballistic Imager was able to generate a forensic image of a 1TB hard drive in 15 minutes or less,” remarked Robert B. Fried, Senior Vice President, Forensics & Investigations at Sandline Global.

CJ Hamidi, Detego Global's Director of Business Development for North America, shared his thoughts on the partnership: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Sandline, and we're impressed by the swift results they've achieved days after integrating our technology. Ballistic Imager, the world's fastest forensic imaging tool, is only a small part of our extensive end-to-end digital forensics platform. We look forward to working closely with the team at Sandline to identify further ways in which we can support the critical work they do.” Ballistic Imager's globally patented technology, which enables record-setting data capture speeds, opens new horizons for Sandline's digital forensic capabilities, allowing for swift and efficient data acquisition without compromising the integrity of source media. 

About Sandline Global

Sandline Global is a premier agile advisory firm helping global legal teams escape the ups and downs of the eDiscovery quality rollercoaster. Sandline specializes in delivering innovative digital evidence solutions supported by a team of agile, proactive, and tenacious problem solvers. With a global network of offices and data centers in the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific Regions, Sandline utilizes leading technology, custom workflows, and deep industry experience to support complex investigations and litigation matters. In addition to providing forensics, eDiscovery, and document review services, Sandline designs and supports iManage deployments for law firms and legal departments. For more information, visit

About Detego Global

Detego Global is the company behind acclaimed Digital Forensics, Case Management and Endpoint Monitoring solutions that are trusted by the miliary, law enforcement teams, intelligence agencies and enterprises around the world.

With the ever-increasing use of digital devices and the corresponding mass of data that’s created, Detego Global’s solutions have become the preferred choice for rapidly acquiring, analyzing, and acting on evidence and intelligence.

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About Sandline Global

Sandline Global is a premier litigation support and e-discovery service provider, assisting legal teams in the United States and globally.

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