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Trust Stamp, a global provider of proprietary artificial intelligence-protected identity services headquartered in Atlanta, today announces the appointment of Buffy Christie, Head of Global Security at Novelis, to its Advisory Board. Buffy brings over 20 years of experience in the implementation of financial fraud investigation and prevention systems across multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Buffy currently serves as the Head of Global Security at Novelis, where she develops and executes the company's comprehensive security strategy, which entails assessing risk and implementing countermeasures that are both efficient and cost-effective. Novelis is a world leader in industrial aluminum with over $12 billion in annual revenue earned through servicing several global industries. Buffy is also a board member of the International Security Foundation (ISF), a nonprofit organization that supports the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) of the United States Department of State. 

Prior to that, she served as the former Senior Director of Investigations at Equifax for over five years and the Team Lead of Fraud Operations & Investigations with JPMorgan Chase for over 10 years.

Named one of the 2018 Most Influential People in Security Magazine, Buffy's career is characterized by an increasingly impressive lineup of positions in financial fraud prevention and a propensity to elevate institutions through her recognition of employees as a critical factor in institutional security. ​​

“Security is not a single-source solution. It is ongoing awareness that is comprised of strategic partnerships and the use of ever-changing technology to protect our people, places, and brand,” says Buffy.

Gareth Genner, Trust Stamp CEO, commented, "Trust Stamp develops cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence-powered technology to optimize the security of identity solutions, but we recognize the importance of human aspects of security."

Genner went on to say, "As an experienced leader with historical success in finding and implementing innovative security solutions across all levels of organization, Buffy embodies the fundamental need for holistic, people-centric protocols in institutional security. We look forward to working with Buffy to empower companies, employees, and end-users to protect themselves against risks associated with identity data.”

About Trust Stamp: 

Trust Stamp applies advanced cryptographic techniques and Artificial Intelligence-powered presentation-attack detection tools to biometric and other identity data to create a proprietary non-PII Evergreen Hash™​ (EgHash™). The EgHash is unique to the subject and provides a tokenized identity that cannot be reverse-engineered. The EgHash constitutes "anonymized data" and is immune to data breaches. An EgHash can be compared to Trust Stamp's proprietary Identity Lake, video-streams, photo-ID, and mined data to establish a subject's identity and can be augmented with pivot points to other relevant data to enable zero-knowledge-proofs. Trust Stamp technology is used in multiple industries, including banking, FinTech, KYC / AML compliance, real estate, travel/hospitality, and law enforcement.

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