Artificial Intelligence Company Launches Public Benefit Corporation Focused on Secure Identity for Societal and Financial Inclusion

Trust Stamp and AiiD Global

​​Trust Stamp, a global provider of AI-powered identity services, launches a Public Benefit Corporation focused on delivering technology to enable its partners to transform service delivery and empower individuals living in poverty. 

The Trust Stamp subsidiary known as AiiD Global is located in the heart of international justice, The Hague, and builds on the company's existing emerging market initiatives, including its work to provide secure online and offline authentication networks in partnership with Mastercard.

As a play on words, the name comprises acronyms for "Artificial Intelligence" and "Identity," paralleling fundamental components of the company's technology. 

AiiD believes that a trusted identity is a human right and that it should no longer present a barrier to access essential services. To that end, AiiD is focused on: 

  1. Providing organizations with leading-edge identity technologies that facilitate the efficient delivery of public benefit services without compromising ethics or individual privacy 
  2. Delivering technology that can work anywhere in the world at any time, that is not dependent on specific devices like a smartphone or online connectivity
  3. Collaboration, co-creation and delivering support to partner organizations so those partners can successfully execute on the ground and deliver services in the right context to people that need it the most

The team is led by veteran influencers for industry innovation in identity and emerging markets, Emma Lindley and Lesley-Ann Vaughan. Lindley initially served Trust Stamp in an advisory capacity and now holds the position of Chief Commercial Officer. She is a co-founder of the non-profit Women in Identity and outspoken advocate for ethical, privacy-protecting identity systems. 

Lesley-Ann Vaughan joined Trust Stamp as an executive advisor on emerging market initiatives and now also serves as the Solutions Director for AiiD Global. With over 15 years of experience in financial service innovation in emerging markets, recently highlighted by her consultancy for organizations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft, and Mastercard, she maintains a strong connection to networks in African markets and a thorough understanding of the differing needs across communities. 

Vaughan is a co-creator of the M-Pesa platform, the largest mobile financial service in the developing world, and a key component in facilitating financial inclusion for over 37 million people across seven African countries. Having more than doubled the rate of bank account ownership in Kenya alone, M-Pesa maintains an unquantifiable effect on economic mobility and quality of life. When asked about the potential impact of Trust Stamp technology in emerging markets, Vaughan says, "Over half the world’s population have never used the internet.  As the digital divide grows even wider, creating identity-led services that support this demographic effectively and efficiently is one of the biggest challenges of our time. We see ourselves as part of the bigger effort and believe that efficient collaboration is critical to creating a future where no one is left behind."

Andrew Gowasack, Trust Stamp President and co-founder, comments, "Trust Stamp is a global company in every aspect, from team members to initiatives. Humanitarian work is core to our mission and we are thrilled to launch AiiD Global as a platform to amplify access to technology that has the power to expand the reach, impact, and effectiveness of life-changing services that are needed now more than ever."

About Trust Stamp: 

Trust Stamp applies advanced cryptographic techniques and AI-powered presentation-attack detection tools to biometric and other identity data to create a proprietary non-PII Hash™ (EgHash™). An EgHash is unique to the subject and provides a tokenized identity that cannot be reverse-engineered, can be matched and deduplicated using Trust Stamp's probabilistic AI, and verified via zero-knowledge-proofs. Trust Stamp technology is used in multiple verticals, including humanitarian and development services, banking, FinTech, KYC/AML compliance, real estate, and law enforcement. Trust Stamp is a graduate of multiple global programs including QCFintech, 630 Cybersecurity, Plug and Play (Silicon Valley and UAE), NAR REach, Mastercard Startpath, the Georgia Advanced Technology Development Center and the UK’s GCHQ/NCSC incubator. 

Source: Trust Stamp