TrueLight® Expands Product Line to Help You Hack Your Light

Now you can power your body and your home, even on-the-go.

​TrueLight®, a wellness brand at the forefront of developing healthy light-based technology products, has expanded their product line to include a new portable LED light therapy device, as well as a portable nightlight, for added comfort and convenience. 

Many studies show that LED light therapy, also known as lower-level light therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation, may be an effective, drug-free, non-invasive form of treatment to increase ATP (energy) production in the body’s cells. This physiological mechanism can, in turn, yield better blood circulation, faster recovery, and more in the skin and body tissues.  The new TrueLight®  Energy Baton Rouge packs the same (healing) punch as the original TrueLight Energy Square -- delivering a patent-pending combination of deep redredNIR, and yellow light to the body to help promote faster, deeper healing. This hand-held, battery-powered device conveniently fits inside nearly any bag, tote or purse, making it easier than ever before to bring the power of LED light therapy on-to-go.

In a similar fashion, TrueLight Luna Red™ sleep lighting products only emit healthy wavelengths of red light – but at a lower energy density than LED light therapy. Unlike conventional lighting solutions that emit harmful junk light and negatively impact melatonin production, the warmer (redder) wavelengths are especially conducive for regulating circadian rhythms and inducing better sleep at night. The new TrueLight Luna Red Portable Nightlight (available as a single item or in a 3-pack), as well as the TrueLight Luna Red Nightlight+Flashlight, are not only ideal for nighttime living spaces, hallways, nurseries, bathrooms, and bedrooms; their sleek, compact and battery-powered designs make them suitable for travel and camping too.  

"TrueLight Luna Red sleep lighting products are powerful and unique in that they bridge the gap between TrueLight LED light therapy devices which emit healthy light and TrueDark eyewear that prevent overexposure to toxic blue, green and violet light found in most LED and fluorescent bulbs. Now, people will have greater flexibility to hack their light for better healing and sleep while relaxing at home and/or traveling," says Dave Asprey, Founder of TrueLight.

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