TROY Gold (Malta) Agrees 20,000 Oz Gold Deal to Be Supplied by Bullseye Mining Limited (Australia)

Malta-based company Tipbot LTD is delighted to announce the launch of its ITO, The TROY GOLD token, the world's first crypto token that can be exchanged for real-world 24 karat gold or FIAT.


In 2019 a deal was agreed with Bullseye Mining Limited* for 20,000 oz of gold to come straight from their North Laverton Gold Mine site in Western Australia's World Class Gold Mining Belt. Gold for TROY's customers will become available in 18 -24 months after reaching their soft cap.


In 2018, after substantial private investment, Tipbot underwent a full restructuring and has evolved to become TROY. TROY’s investment has permitted incorporation and regulation in Malta. TROY has also undergone an expansion of its team and is presently undergoing Shariah Compliance.

Why Invest?

1) TROY Gold tokens are offered with as much as a 40% bonus on the amount purchased

2) TROY has a fixed number of Tokens and a fixed amount of gold.

3) TROY will burn 50% of the tokens used as monthly payments for the Troy Vault. The other 50% will be split with half going for the upkeep of the business and half going to customers who successfully recommend the TROY Vault.

Troy Vault and the Token Burn

The TROY Vault developed by TROY is a world-leading cryptocurrency wallet in terms of security and ease of use.

The TROY Vault automatically generates a wallet for token holders to store TROY GOLD Tokens (and other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin) and send them to friends and family. Token holders can protect all users' passwords and personal files in a digital vault on any mobile phone that with a password and 3 optional layers of biosecurity, is the most secure crypto wallet available worldwide today. It really is Fort Knox in your pocket.

The TROY Vault provides personal portfolio analysis and it allows users to stay up to date with the latest crypto & commodity news and market updates whilst managing all personal transactions, directly from the user's mobile phone.

TROY Vault users will be able to email Ether or any Ethereum based token quickly and easily to anyone.

The TROY Vault customers can use TROY Gold Tokens for the monthly payment of their Vault. 50% of these Tokens that TROY receives back will be burnt, thereby increasing the value of the remaining tokens.

How to buy TROY GOLD Tokens

In order to buy Troy Gold tokens, simply do the following:

  1. Register
  2. Set up a Troy account
  3. Go through a simple KYC process

The entire process takes between 5 to 10 minutes and it only has to be done once.

Purchases can be completed using crypto, credit card, debit card or even by bank transfer.

Users can also decide to become an Affiliate or benefit from any of TROY's promotions.

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*Bullseye Mining Ltd is a successful gold exploration company with over 1,200km2 of gold-rich Greenstone terrain located in the World Class gold fields of Western Australia. A fully incorporated company, registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Bullseye have been granted mining licences from the West Australian Department of Mines (DMIRS) to commence mining its flagship North Laverton Gold Project, located in the “Golden Triangle”, an area which has produced over 100 million ounces of gold, worth over AUD$200 Billion.​

Source: Tipbot LTD


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TROY brings real world value to cryptocurrency through its regulated GOLD token. TROY will produce gold products using 20,000oz of gold bullion supplied by Bullseye Mining Limited (Australia).