"Triple HP": Electrical Motors Power Generator to Produce High Levels of Energy

Specialty automobiles were a thing of the future in the near past. But, that is no longer the case as indicated with this new device. The Triple HP is an alternative energy source with a minimum of three electric motors (depending on power needs) powering a generator for electric vehicles that can increase speed and torque without the vehicle having to switch to gasoline for additional power. The design intent is to offer an environmentally friendly, cost-effective form of powerful energy creation for broader consumer and commercial use.
The primary concept behind the Triple HP involves using the energy created by three (3) small motors that work at the same time.  As such, the combination of the three or more motors, work to efficiently enhance torque as well as speed in electronic vehicles. Additional small motors could be added depending on the power required. Currently, hybrid vehicles can only go 35 to 45 (on average) miles per hour before needing to use the gasoline engine. The Triple HP's three powerful motors allows the vehicles to exceed these speeds without the need to rely on fuel to do so. Motors can also be made in any size and number to meet the needs of the user or the application. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Triple HP.
Triple HP is Patent Pending and was invented by Jean Rosemond of Spring Valley, NY who said, “The Triple HP requires only a compact, multi-motor assembly for renewable power without using any fossil fuels whatsoever and the motor becomes more powerful in strength and speed. Triple HP works efficiently.”
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