Triosim Forms Dedicated Salesforce

Large holding company with six affiliate companies develops a group of industry professionals to provide support and service to growing customer base.

​Triosim Corporation recently announced that they’ve formed a dedicated salesforce team to provide support to customers. They currently have seven representatives covering the Southeast and Southwest regions of the United States. With more than six companies, and rapidly growing, Triosim needed a way to accommodate their expanding customer base.

The team will apply years of experience to helping customers navigate the service and product offering and help them identify the best solutions to meet their needs. From a customer perspective, access to a dedicated representative offers significant savings of time and money. Customers can contact their representative to inquire about services and products offered by any of the Triosim companies.

"We are dedicated to superior customer service - with companies as far south as Panama City, Florida, we felt it was time to form a group of experienced team members to provide coverage to various regions. The experience and industry knowledge that this team offers our customers will prove vital as we continue to expand."

James Hickman, CEO

These team members will work closely with customers in their designated regions, and serve as a resource to help them achieve optimal performance.  With decades of experience, the Triosim salesforce has watched the industry evolve, and knows what works and what doesn’t. Each Triosim company has an outstanding reputation for providing superior customer service, this is just another way they will enhance their services.