Treacyfaces: Visionary Typographic Revolution for 3 Decades

Treacyfaces fonts attracts high-profile customers worldwide

Treacyfaces truly relishes its hard-won reputation as the premier upstart, quality digital-type foundry. It continually upends traditional notions about how type fonts "must be made only this way" and "must be displayed only that way", with brave typographic creativity that takes on the status quo and forces industry revolutions.

Today, is a globally respected style innovator, with its now well-proven type designs providing the world's foremost agencies, ateliers and consultancies, printers, developers and blue-chip manufacturers countless new typographic ways to enliven their branding, marketing graphics and publishing.

Groundbreaking Treacyfaces® TF font families like TFForever®, TFTrantino™, TFHabitat® and hundreds more make it happen.

Joe Treacy, the legendary founder and Director of Typography at Treacyfaces says: "Creative pros worldwide love and need what I call True Graphic Arts Quality Fonts — those that are both truly innovative in their styling and fit and well-produced to withstand the rigors of production.

"Coming from an art direction, graphic design and creative direction background, I realized the font industry itself was letting them down — making them believe they were better, while actually forcing designers to settle for 'good enough' and dated work that was slowing creativity. I realized that my unique font families could help all creative and production pros improve their own creativity.”

I asked myself: What if there was one digital type foundry that only releases True Graphic Arts Quality fonts? Types that work so incredibly well just by installing them that they practically set themselves with a level of consistency and professionalism never before seen.

I personally created Treacyfaces and its exclusive Treacyfaces type font collection to help designers rediscover True Graphic Arts Quality Fonts. In short order, we began to influence the entire industry in various ways. Then, we influenced the world of graphic design with our seductive curvatures. Literally, designers could not get enough. And here we are, all these decades later, with the world's foremost agencies, consultancies, printers, and more relying on Treacyfaces more than ever."

At, we give creative pros and business users alike worldwide the freedom to test-drive and select licenses for exclusive Treacyfaces Fonts in ways never before possible.

Many also look to Treacyfaces' TFX Custom Font Division to customize logo, branding and packaging fonts exclusively for their use. The custom projects can run the gamut from solely modifying certain Treacyfaces characters to reflect the nature of their logo, all the way to creating new Treacyfaces branding fonts for them in any of the world's languages. Our experience, our creativity and vast understanding of marketing, advertising and production requirements make us the perfect type foundry to partner with the largest multinationals to clients of any size."

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2020: 36 Years of Treacyfaces® Head & Body with Soul™



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