Introduces a Tremendous Global, Creative and Production Timesaver:

Its revolutionary, new Typesampler™ cuts type font search and licensing times to just seconds.

The new Treacyfaces Typesampler at -- all the details!

The Treacyfaces Typesampler is a landmark productivity and profitability boost to the entire graphics world from concept and design through production. Now, in just seconds on any device, Creative Pros worldwide access the entire Treacyfaces Font Collection in literally seconds and can confidently license purchase, using its revolutionary “turbo-speed” tools.

Why it’s revolutionary: Joe Treacy, the legendary founder and Director of Typography at Treacyfaces says: “Creative pros worldwide love and need to quickly and confidently select quality type fonts that are distinct, innovative and well-produced. Yet, they’re forced to waste many hours every week searching in vain. And even then, they might never find what they really need due to over-choice, all due to old, outdated search methods.”

For design-related business margins, that’s a huge hit to the bottom line that also drains creative potential. No wonder there’s such widespread frustration at having to constantly give up and go backwards to old favorites, often, out of time and missing deadlines. 

Treacy adds, “My multifaceted career is in typographic design, art direction, graphic design, creative direction, marketing and advertising, and I also understand how behavioral science’s paradox of choice, over-choice and choice overload, causes people to freeze up and avoid decisions when confronted with too many options all at once. That happens to be a huge problem in selecting type fonts. Endless font searching in other sites typically leads down the rabbit hole, with very little in the end to actually show for the time wasted. So, I set out to change all that, to help make searching for superior font designs simpler and faster for all creative and production pros.

"Now, after years of intense development and user testing, the rocket-fast Treacyfaces Typesampler helps creative pros understand how evocative Treacyfaces fonts are immediately. They can accomplish even better creative work faster. And they instantly reclaim more hours in their day! That’s huge, being able to spend more time actually creating more powerful and satisfying type layouts. And far, far less time searching.”

Some examples: The entire Treacyfaces Families range can be searched and decided on in about 23 seconds. All varieties within Families can be searched and ordered in about 17 seconds for larger families of 20 to 34 varieties. Naturally, when you want to linger longer over finds you love, you’ll now have extra time to. Ordering and licensing is greatly streamlined.

As Treacyfaces continues to add ever more new Font Families, the Typesampler will become an ever more valuable creative resource for designers worldwide.

Additionally, License Managers can easily complete all their complex licensing tasks faster than ever. Customized licensing tasks like Adding Users to Existing Licenses, Enterprise Licenses, Annual Licenses, eBook Licenses, App Licenses and Licensing the Complete Treacyfaces Collection are made nearly effortless. It’s designed mobile-first as SaaS with built-in deep learning AI.



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