Travel Startup TripHobo Becomes Profitable

TripHobo Founders

Travel startup TripHobo has now reached a break-even point with close to 2 million USD in monthly transactions.

The company has seen a month on month growth of 25 percent over last six months in its bookings done. This has helped the platform generate enough cash to cover all the expenses of the company, including the expenses for payroll, R&D as well as marketing.

This is a significant moment for TripHobo. Over the past three years, we have been working towards creating the best platform for travelers to plan their trips.

Saket Newaskar, Founder & CTO

The core business has been accommodation booking, with bookings for activities, tours and experiences growing rapidly. The company plans to incorporate metasearch for flight bookings in their trip planner soon.

Though there are many start-ups in the travel space struggling to create a sustainable business model, TripHobo has not only managed to create an engaging product but also one that makes money.

To continue delivering better results, TripHobo is now working on empowering their mobile apps to become online travel assistant. Improving the UX to make trip planning a smooth experience is also a prime agenda of the company.  

According to Newaskar, the key deliverables in 2017 and 2018 include expanding with rich content to deliver trip planning for each city in the world and enabling the users to make better decisions by giving data-driven suggestions.

Source: TripHobo

About TripHobo

TripHobo is the world's largest trip planning website with over 1.5 million user generated travel itineraries. Millions of travelers use every month to discover and create their favorite trip ideas.

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