Transportation Futurist Simon J. Anderson to Speak Today on the Future of Trucking

Speaker Simon J. Anderson will present a session on the future of trucking on the opening day of the in.sight User Conference + Expo in Nashville today. Shark Tank's Robert Herjavec will give the closing keynote on Wednesday.

Futurist Speaker, Simon J. Anderson

Thought-provoking keynote speaker, award-winning author, and energy and transportation futurist Simon J. Anderson will be speaking today at the in.sight User Conference + Expo in Nashville.  

Anderson’s presentation will be partially based on insights from the latest edition of his award-winning book “Foresight 20/20: A Futurist Explores the Trends Transforming Tomorrow [Updated & Expanded]” (co-authored with globally acclaimed futurist Jack Uldrich). In this session, he will provide an eye-opening look into the near future of trucking and transportation and help transportation leaders recognize important trends and technologies that are reshaping the industry, and provide new approaches to anticipating the opportunities and challenges that they could create.

"The trucking industry is being transformed by exponential advancements in technology, and every one of our lives and careers will be touched by these advancements. My role as a futurist is to be a catalyst for discussion and to help industry leaders recognize opportunities created by these advancements before they become challenges.


Topics to be covered include trends and technologies that are transforming the future of trucking, including advancements in automation, artificial intelligence, the impact of retail trends, the internet of things, and disruptive new technologies such as the blockchain.

As a transportation futurist and founder of Venture Foresight, LLC, Anderson's work has been featured in a variety of transportation-related publications including Fleet Maintenance Magazine, Car Wash Magazine, and 

In the past year, Anderson has spoken to clients including the Institute for Supply Management - Twin Cities, the Georgia Telecommunications Association, the Michigan Bankers Association, and the Florida Educational Facilities’ Planners Association. Other clients include MN DOT, ND DOT, the American Heart Association, AT&T, and Florida Tax Collectors, Inc. 

Parties interested in learning more about Futurist Simon J. Anderson, his book “Foresight 20/20” (ISBN: 978-1592988945), his blog, or his speaking availability are encouraged to visit his website at

For availability, contact 

Source: Venture Foresight, LLC

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