Transparent Motives - 78-Year-Old Artist 'Bares All' About His Life Through Art in Ultimate Selfie Online Gallery, Leaving Nothing to the Imagination

Howard Schoor Artist, Trianglist

Howard Schoor Artist, Trianglist

Artist, collector and pioneering Trianglist Howard Schoor recently launched his online gallery A study in hyper self-awareness and courage, it is as naked in its ambition as its physical manifestation. “I can tell you this is all me. There are no prosthetics or artificial supports propping me up. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think people appreciate the honesty of personal vulnerability.” He’s betting these same people will buy in, and purchase his memorable, recognizable, and he firmly believes, collectable art.

The artist is refreshingly candid about his decision to go bare in his breakout to the commercial art world. “Why not? Modern art, in all forms, has become so much about the brand. The body of work is nearly inconsequential.” Schoor said with satisfaction, “Art is a business. I cut out the B.S. and built a brand around my art.” Schoor calls his approach to marketing his art, functional transparency.

Transparency is what you get from Howard Schoor. He immediately makes it known that he believes he can and should be selling $50,000 pieces of his art in a reasonably short amount of time. Asked why he thought this, he said simply, “My art pleases some people.” But is that enough? 

“Anything beyond that is all about the brand.” Schoor hired professionals, forming a team to help him with messaging and presenting his art in an appropriate light. The terms Trianglist and Trianglism come from the branding exercise and aptly describe Schoor’s unique artworks. 

Schoor took pains to point out that his vibrant, thoughtful works, all of them anchored by a triangle, are an organic expression of his life’s work. Schoor’s art is the authentic, organic core of the brand he’s building. An engineer by profession, Schoor commented, “I was years into my painting before I realized the triangle was the foundation of my original business logo many years ago.” At one time, Schoor owned one of the largest engineering firms in New Jersey.  The triangle, as T-square, was a daily fixture in Schoor’s more than 40-year career. His art is a visual expression of a dominant subconscious imprint.

Schoor has also elected to go bare in sharing the sale prices of his art as they are sold, and in relation to one another. As of this writing and less than 24 hours after launching his online gallery, Schoor has sold his first piece. It sold for $1,100. “Art consumers and collectors get so little transparency. And, we take it. We happily pay significant amounts of money with little understanding of why we are paying it. We don’t have a reasonable way to assess the art’s appreciation or potential because that history isn’t readily available. No transparency!”

Interestingly, Schoor’s brand might be the easiest to pull off. Authenticity was the guiding ethos of Schoor’s brand development. Once the decision to be nakedly honest was made, the answers came easy. “I’m transparent in why I built this business around my art. I am transparent about where I want this to lead. And, I am transparent about the true value of my work.” Schoor summed it all up, “What’s left?” The art. It is what it is. 

For more information on the work, the artist, or to speak with Howard Schoor directly, contact 732.740.8797 or email Studio visits are welcomed by appointment in the physical gallery/studio, located at 603 Mattison Avenue in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Source: Howard Schoor Art, LLC


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