TRAIN WITH VAN DAMME Launches Globally

Global action star, Jean-Claude Van Damme launches an 8 week transformational workout program, TRAIN WITH VAN DAMME on Train when you want, where you want.

Train with Van Damme NOW AVAILABLE

Global action star, Jean Claude Van Damme has created a powerful and effective eight (8) week training program available exclusively through the dedicated site or via the JCVDWorld App available in the Apple Store or Google Play for $19.99 USD.  

Produced in partnership with Antoine Henriquet, of Paris-based Ah! Productions, the series focuses on tone, flexibility, and balance.

Jean-Claude Van Damme's fitness method in TRAIN WITH VAN DAMME may be different from others, but global action star Van Damme reminds his students, "my body is your best proof."

Jean-Claude Van Damme,

“With me, there is no jumping around,” says Jean-Claude Van Damme, “and no hurting yourself. We can build our muscles carefully.”

The program delivers three (3) weekly videos, where Van Damme teaches viewers how to sculpt their body without professional equipment. Preparing the muscles for training by learning to stretch properly is the heart of weeks one and two, then the real building begins.

“Take your time when you start exercising,” Van Damme continues, “and train at your own pace.”

The star’s method may be different from what users are accustomed to, but he reminds his pupils, “my body is your best proof.”

Jean-Claude Van Damme stars in the upcoming original series Jean-Claude Van Johnson available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on December 15th.



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