Tradebloc Inc. Introduces Launch of Credit Monitoring That Combats Online Threats

Another product that aids millions in raising their credit score

Tradebloc today introduced its new addition to a lineup of powerful credit monitoring technologies. Over decades, Tradebloc has implemented a number of groundbreaking products and services that have outpaced the rapidly changing credit repair landscape, and as a result, secured them as the #1 provider in credit repair services. Tradebloc is now excited to announce credit monitoring with up-to-the-minute capabilities that will help secure anyone's online identity 

The extreme volume of eCommerce activity has increased since COVID-19. Shoppers are dominating online which presents hackers, scammers, and identity thieves with a prime opportunity to trick people into revealing personal or financial information. Fraudsters then use these sensitive details to steal money, execute account takeover fraud, and commit a variety of other identity theft and fraud schemes. 

For anyone shopping online, it is critical to receive alerts against scams and fraud. Tradebloc's newest IdentityIQ option empowers individuals to ensure they have the know-how to remain vigilant and guarded when giving out sensitive information online.

"I have been in the credit repair industry for 22 years and helped over 50,000 clients achieve their goals of a perfect score," explains Tim Clark, CEO, and Founder of Tradebloc. "Currently, I am the credit repair industry's top money earner. I have tried literally dozens of various credit monitoring services during my career and nothing compares with IdentityIQ."

More than 1.6 billion records have been exposed in data breaches, meaning almost everyone is at risk for identity theft. The key for consumers is to actively monitor their credit and identity information regularly, which allows for quick action when identity thieves strike.

"The difference between a person with an average credit score and those who maintain a great score are those who monitor their credit reports monthly. If you want to have a 700 score or better you need to be on IdentityIQ," remarks Clark.

IdentityIQ is ideal for anyone because everyone is at risk. By offering an affordably powerful monitoring system at only $29.99 a month, IdentityIQ scans millions of data points, secret chat rooms, underground forums, for signs of fraudulent activity, and more. IdentityIQ stops thieves from stealing personal information that can be used to take out loans, open new credit cards, clone debit cards, change a billing address, obtain a new driver's license, and use that false identity when questioned by police.

About Tradebloc, Inc
Tradebloc, IncĀ® is recognized as a top leader in credit repair and identity theft monitoring with consecutive years of triple-digit growth. The company delivers a wide range of services including block and repair, credit and identity monitoring, and credit repair that benefit consumers and businesses. Their vision is to better protect and empower consumers through the active delivery of credit and identity data.

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Tim Clark
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