Track and Communicate With Staff Through Feature Rich, Dash Mountable Android Tablets Using Ready Track

Ready Track is the provider of advanced GPS tracking systems and devices in Australia. The company's systems can be customised to suit any business and any budget.

Ready Track Pty Ltd is a GPS tracking solutions company. Ready Track is a 100% Australian owned company who supplies and supports a large customer base. The company based in Smithfield, New South Wales is part of a group of companies in business since 1985. The company has a range of GPS enabled security solutions to offer to customers.

Ready Track Pty Ltd is now offering a new solution that takes fleet tracking and management to the next level. Fleet management companies can now make use of a Garmin Device also known as the Garmin Dispatch Agent which is a modular solution that provides integrated vehicle tracking, navigation, driver communication and dispatch capabilities. The device comes installed with a full tracking system from Ready Track and makes use of IsatData Pro Satellite service and IDP terminals in tandem with off-the-shelf Garmin FMI-enabled devices as the human interface.

Speaking to the media, a representative of Ready Track said, "At Ready Track Pty Ltd we are always looking to improve the way vehicle tracking and fleet management is done in Australia and around the world. Customers who are interested in benefiting from our latest technology can feel free to call us for a free demo at 1300 766 703." She further added, "One of the biggest advantages of using our system is that it allows dispatchers to communicate and manage driver stops in real-time and customers who subscribe to our plans receive full access to the web portal where they can access greater information regarding the movement, stoppage time and other vital data."

5 Reasons to Choose Garmin Dispatch Agent

a)Quick Deployment: Simplifies the addition of comprehensive in-vehicle communication to fleet management solutions.
b)Compatibility: Enables the use of industry-standard, Garmin FMI-enabled devices instead of proprietary data terminals.
c)Reduced Costs: Optimizes the amount of information sent over the satellite network, keeping airtime costs down.
d)Complete Coverage: Including satellite in a fleet management solution ensures reliable communication regardless of cellular coverage.
e)Modular: Option to subscribe to just the Garmin API for users comfortable with Lua development.

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