Ready Track Devices Helping Customers Reduce Insurance Premiums With Theft Prevention GPS Devices

Ready Track is the provider of advanced GPS tracking systems and devices in Australia. The company's systems can be customised to suit any business and any budget.

Ready Track is a GPS tracking solutions company. Ready Track is a 100% Australian owned company who supplies and supports a large customer base. The company based in Smithfield, New South Wales is part of a group of companies in business since 1985. The company has a range of GPS enabled security solutions to offer to customers.

Automobiles are often under the radar of thieves wanting to make a quick steal of vehicles and therefore security protection of vehicles has become a must. Insurance companies in Australia would charge car owners higher premium if the vehicle is not fitted with standard safety accessories like central locking systems etc while vehicles that have systems like stolen vehicle tracking systems with turn-by-turn navigation as is the case with cars made by General Motors then car owners need to pay lower insurance premiums on  a year on year basis.

As per data available online car thefts have been steadily decreasing in recent years; fewer than 1 million cars were stolen in the United States in 2009 and in Australia too the number car thefts has been decreasing in recent years.
Australia recorded a 38 per cent decrease in motor vehicle thefts in the period 2004-2014, while reported heavy vehicle thefts increased by 23 per cent in the same period. The increase in heavy vehicle thefts was largely due to a 45 per cent rise in plant and equipment thefts. By comparison, thefts of heavy trucks increased by 12 per cent. In 2014, the total estimated value of reported heavy vehicles stolen was $51.2 million. Source -

Speaking to the media, a representative of Ready Track said, "At Ready track we understand that car theft is a menace and we advice vehicle owners that safety of their vehicle is a must. With GPS tracking devices from Ready Track you not only save on insurance premium but also get peace of mind that your vehicle can be tracked in the event that it is stolen."

In Australia there are broadly 4 types of motor vehicle insurance:
a) Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance
b)Comprehensive Insurance
c) Fire and Theft Only
d)Third Party Property Only
Consumers should shop around and ensure they purchase cover appropriate to their situation.

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