Toyan Launches Xpower-V8: A Fully Functional 4-Stroke, 8-Cylinder Model Engine Building Kit

Today, the expert machinists and engineers at Toyan announced the launch of Xpower-V8: a fully functional 1:10 scale 4-stroke, 8-cylinder model engine building kit. This incredibly detailed methanol engine kit lets anyone build a working engine for a vivid display model or to power any 1:10 scale RC vehicles. This highly detailed working model features more than 100 highly detailed pieces that fit together to form a fully functional V8 engine. Xpower-V8 is available now on Kickstarter:

Toyan Xpower-V8 is the world's first 1:10 scale fully functional V8 engine model, with detailed components, powerful output, and fully functional components. This highly accurate working V8 engine is powered by methanol and virtually identical to a real engine in every way. The Xpower-V8 kit allows anyone to build a working 4-stroke, 8-cylinder methanol engine for educational purposes or to power RC cars, trucks, and more. Essential components are made with precision CNC-engineered, high-quality aluminum and work together in perfect unison to make the engine come to life.

"We released our first-generation engine, the 2-cylinder Xpower model one year ago and were thrilled that so many backers loved it as much as we did. Almost immediately, we began thinking about the idea of creating a V8 engine model with even more detail and power. Our latest engine kit, the Xpower-V8, is even more advanced, with accurately machined pieces that can be assembled and disassembled over and over again to learn about the fascinating world of mechanics or to add roaring V8 power to RC vehicles. Building functional models is a great way to stimulate creativity in kids and makes the perfect hobby for families," said Toyan CEO Leo Li.

Toyan Xpower-V8 100% replicates a real working engine, including integrated exhaust pipes, high torque starter motor, air filter, dual carburetors, gear pump, valve covers, and more. This high-performance engine kit runs at up to 12,500 RMPs, weighs only 2.05kg, and has a built-in water cooling system. With its lightweight design, Xpower-V8 can boost RC models with a powerful output of 4.35ps.

Designed as a DIY kit, the Toyan Xpower-V8 includes every component required to assemble the engine as a highly detailed working model. It's a great way for anyone, even youngsters, to learn about engines and no prior model building experience is necessary.

Xpower-V8: a fully functional 4-stroke, 8-cylinder model engine building kit is the perfect way to add power and function to RC vehicles and is a hands-on experience to explore the fascinating world of mechanical engineering in an immersive, creative way. Xpower-V8 is available now with special pricing and incentives for early adopters. To learn more, visit the Kickstarter campaign here:

Source: Toyan