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Toronto Auto Consulting

Toronto Auto Consulting is proud to announce to its clients and others that it has implemented some new operations that will help many. With the assistance of its dealer’s partners in Ontario, it is committed to approve residents of Ontario with the lowest possible interest rates that Toronto Car Loans currently work with. Evidently, approximately over 20 different auto lenders, so this means you won’t be stuck as we have many lenders on hand. Toronto Auto Consulting’s goal has always been to help Canadians with bad credit to purchase vehicles. Let’s face it; everyone deserves the chance to get a car loan. Our corporation is not only about helping people with bad credit but in addition to creating mindfulness about car loans and opportunities regarding loan approvals. "Most people don't really need to pay very high-interest rates such as 29%," said Jon Toker, Principal Consultant of Toronto Auto Consulting.

About Toronto Auto Consulting

Toronto Auto Consulting was established in the city of Toronto, Ontario. Toronto Auto Consulting provides business management consulting and digital marketing services to franchised car dealerships. They have hands-on services to help dealerships achieve maximum profit levels. Their goal is to build lasting relationships with dealers, whether they need short-term improvement or long-term success. To learn more, please visit

About Toronto Car Loans

The Toronto Car Loans website has been around for the last 13 years and has been implementing auto loan approval solutions for people with bad or not so good credit circumstances. For example, car loans mistakes to avoid, how to improve your credit score, and how to get a car loan if you are a student. You’ll find everything you need to know about attaining a car loan on the site and in the blog section of the site. Please visit for more information.

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 Contact to learn more about this new operation. Please contact Toronto Auto Consulting Office: (800) 294-1650 or our email

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About Toronto Auto Consulting

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Established in city of Toronto, Ontario. Providing business management consulting services to franchised car dealerships. Hands on services to help you achieve maximum profit levels.