First Automotive Digital Marketing Firm to Utilize Hyper Location Geo Fencing Technology in Canada

Toronto Auto Consulting is the first automotive digital advertising firm to utilize Geo Fencing technology in order to assist its client in Ontario, Canada. This technology has been tested in the past 6 months in the southern Ontario automotive market and has proved to be quite effective. It functions by targeting prospective buyers in mobile device locations and showing them relevant ads of car dealerships if they have been to a car dealership recently. With this technology, no advertising dollars are wasted. Toronto Auto Consulting's partnership with multinational DSP allows it to use this technology. This advertising method actually allows advertisers to see if the prospects actually visited the dealership after they have seen the advertisement.

Toronto Auto Consulting

Established in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Toronto Auto Consulting is an automotive consulting firm that offers business management consulting services to franchised car dealerships in the automotive industry. We presently cover Southern Ontario's market nevertheless different provinces can be serviced as well. By providing hands-on services, our objective is to assist you in order to attain full profit levels as well as full customer satisfaction.

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Established in city of Toronto, Ontario. Providing business management consulting services to franchised car dealerships. Hands on services to help you achieve maximum profit levels.