"Torian Totes": Designed to Keep Clothing and Other Articles in Place on a Hanger

"Torian Totes" are "Just for Hangers" and will end the bending down and picking up of costly clothing from the floor.

Anyone who is tired of having to pick clothing up from the closet floor will quickly see the benefits of using the new Torian Totes. The Torian Totes is a product line of metal spring-clips designed to hold a wide variety of garments from blouses and slacks to scarves, shawls, strapless and sleeveless articles as well as delicate lingerie, all securely on a clothes hanger. They are stylish and colorful and easy-to-use in the home or when traveling. The Torian Totes keep clothing articles from slipping off a hanger ensuring that one's clothing remains fresh, clean and unwrinkled.

The Torian Totes were designed to keep clothing and other articles in place on a hanger. Best of all is the fact that these products do not leave imprints which can often ruin the appearance of a piece of clothing, a scarf, shawl or other clothing article or accessory. They work perfect in the home but equally well in establishments that display sell clothing and other accessories often displayed on hangers. Torian Totes are affordable and last for years of repeat use.

The Patent Pending Torian Totes were invented by Cynthia Torian of Philadelphia, PA who said, “I have a prototype that works great. The hanger clip clamps and locks clothes in place and keeps them from falling off the hanger. It works on all type of articles and leave no marks. Clamps were designed with a foam polymeric coating and protect the finish and feel of garments, preventing formation of wrinkles where they hold the garment in place. They work perfectly!”

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