Top Photo Gifts for the Holidays

Everyone wants to give a thoughtful unique gift for the holidays. Here are some of the hottest gift ideas for 2016 for photo & genealogy lovers.

​Now that the holidays have arrived, Larsen Digital has taken note of current trends and compiled a list of the top four photo and video gift ideas for 2016.  Being a top provider in the photo and video conversion industry, Larsen Digital is focused on helping consumers around the world make the most of past memories, and giving ideas on how to share those highlights with others.

1-      Preserve a Loved One’s Memories by converting photos, videos, and audio to digital.  In converting old film to digital, it allows freedom for the owner to use past memories anytime, anywhere.  It also gives the opportunity for those memories to be immortalized if proper storage methods are used, and it immediately ceases the fading and deterioration that all film suffers from.  Larsen Digital is the premier name in the film conversion industry, and can help accomplish this task with ease and affordability.

2-      Use Photos in a Craft.  When photos are in digital form, an individual can print endless copies and use them for various activities- including making crafts.  One of the top DIY craft ideas using photos employs the technique of “mod-podging” photos on various surfaces such as wooden plaques or metal for a unique wall hanging or small tiles that can be utilized as coasters.

3-      Give Safe File Storage.  While digitized photos and videos are no longer subject to deterioration, they can still fall victim to crashed hard drives.  A great option would be a paid subscription to an online storage provider that is responsible for the safekeeping of one’s priceless belongings.  Not only will this give the gift of peace and mind, but it can also give the gift of accessibility, as many providers allow customers to view files online from any device with a secured login.

4-      Compile a Memory Book.  There are several great photo book providers that offer a quality product to help put a loved one’s memories front and center.  Either fill the photo book with photographic highlights from throughout the years, or include words along with the digital photos of why that memory stands out, or what happened behind the lens of the camera at that time.

Any gift that embraces the emotion from one’s life is a winner, but these trends can help jump start a remarkable present that will keep on giving for generations to come.  If help is needed in getting old photos and videos digitized, Larsen Digital is the most trusted name in the film conversion industry.  Having been in business for over 20 years, Larsen Digital has been able to expand their service line to include the conversion of photos, negatives, slides, movie film, video tapes, audio tapes and more. 

Larsen Digital is a film & video conversion company that can take any old media and convert it to digital.  Specializing in slides, negatives, photos, video tapes, movie film, audio tapes, audio reels and much more. 

Source: Larsen Digital