"Top Offs": An Attachable Covering for the Opening of Exposed Beverages

Invents introduces "Top Offs" which protects your beverage glass or cup from everything but what is supposed to be in it.

​Leaving a beverage uncovered in a public place can be a recipe for disaster. Even nasty flies are always looking to sip some of your drink; but, much worse than flies or other bugs and insects, is the possibility of someone putting a 'roofie' into the glass. A roofie is the term for Rohypnol, a sedative designed in the 1970's by Roche and used in hospitals for a deep sedation and unfortunately, today it is known as the infamous date-rape drug. Top Offs is designed as an attachable covering for the opening of exposed beverages, particularly those sold in cups and glasses in public settings such as nightclubs, bars and restaurants. The design intent is to prevent the tampering of anyone's drinks and particularly females who are often susceptible to such crimes in date rape and kidnapping. Top Offs protects drinks from spillage, flying and floating debris particles as well as other forms of sabotage or accidental mishaps.

Top Offs keeps the liquid contents of a beverage safe from potential problems. Others are unable to add something dangerous such as a date rape drug or other possible 'untoward' items to a glass or cup. The lid stays in place and the opening on the lid is just sufficient to accept a straw. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Top Offs.

The Patent Pending Top Offs was invented by Sharon Duke of Houston, TX who said, “Top Offs is perfect for safety issues when you are out, but—it also works at home as well and helps keep spills to a minimum. Top Offs eliminates the possibility of inadvertently ingesting a harmful substance and guards against serious dangers as well as floating debris and insects.”

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