Top Notch Consultants Expands, Seeks New Talent

The President of Top Notch Consultants detailed the firm’s current expansion into South Carolina. He also discussed a hiring initiative that will reinforce the company’s growth.

“I am beyond excited to announce our expansion into South Carolina,” declared Tony Bleta, the firm’s President. “Now Top Notch Consultants will be in both the Carolinas, and our influence will grow even stronger.” The entire team is committed to making the most of this effort, and the President was quick to recognize their dedication. He remarked, “Knowing that we’re growing so much makes me appreciate all the hard work that our team has been putting in to make this possible.” 

The President also explained that the firm has new campaigns ready to begin as soon as the new office is fully established. “Our uniquely effective customer acquisition methods continue to draw positive attention,” he stated. “We are excited to bring the Top Notch Consultants style of marketing and consulting services to a whole new audience. I believe big things are in store for our team and for the people behind the brands we represent.”

Company leaders have done the market research, and they are certain that the time is right for Top Notch Consultants to make its presence felt in South Carolina. “Demand for our services is stronger than ever,” Bleta noted. “We don’t see any slowdown in sight as far as that’s concerned, so we are very optimistic for this expansion and for further growth in the near future.” The President and his fellow leaders already have several other major markets squarely in their sights. 

Top Notch Consultants’ President Outlines Hiring Effort

With growing demand and current expansion, Top Notch Consultants’ leaders know that additional hiring is necessary. The President commented, “Due to our rapid growth, we’re hiring new team members immediately. If you’re a sharp individual who is looking to gain hands-on experience while building a stronger résumé, take a look at our opportunities today!”

As they evaluate potential hires, the firm’s President will emphasize a few key traits. “We always stress the importance of being a good team player,” he said. “Collaboration is such a focal point of our success here at Top Notch Consultants. Any new addition to our team needs to be willing and able to improve on a daily basis and fuse his or her unique talents with those of our existing associates.” If you’d like to learn more about Top Notch Consultants’ expansion plans or job availabilities, visit

About Top Notch Consultants:

Top Notch Consultants specializes in achieving world-class lead generation results. The combination of well-researched buyer profiles and talented expertise allows the firm’s experts to craft powerful campaigns. Their effective, flexible outsourced marketing model can be easily customized and scaled to meet each business’ unique needs. They excel at driving levels of brand awareness that exceed expectations. As a result, they ensure ROIs are achieved faster so companies can quickly expand into new regions. Top Notch Consultants’ goal is to provide exceptional service to brands across the nation. Visit them online at



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